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  1. somdfunguy

    Apple vs the FBI

    A Federal court has ordered Apple to assist the FBI in accessing encrypted data hidden on a cellphone that belonged to the terrorist couple who killed 14 people in San Bernardino last year. Apple is refusing, and on Wednesday, the company's CEO, Tim Cook, posted a message explaining the...
  2. somdfunguy

    Light switch and power outlet screw direction

    Which direction does the slot run on the screws in your light switch/outlet cover? -didn't realize the question was truncated in the poll question Also when you moved into your current living arrangement did you alter the screws position? Bonus question: Is the ground (looks like a cartoon...
  3. somdfunguy

    You Are on a Psychotic Killing Spree. What Song is Playing?

    You are on a psychotic killing spree. What song is playing during the slaying?
  4. somdfunguy

    Cat-eating Monitor Lizards Invade Florida Glad we don't have these
  5. somdfunguy

    Pictures that make you say What the Heck

    Post your crazy, bizarre, or amazing pictures. Here are a few to get it going.
  6. somdfunguy

    This is my son Griffin, and he may have measles. What a terribly sad and heartbreaking story
  7. somdfunguy

    Amazon Echo

    Thoughts? I'm a fan just for the pure ease and enjoyment of watching my kids dance to the music.
  8. somdfunguy

    Unprecedented iOS and OS X Malware

    Bigger concern for those using unoficial apps but good for all to know.
  9. somdfunguy

    Useless Knowledge vs American History
  10. somdfunguy

    Creatively post the number of the post

    Use a picture or some other means to post the post number. This is post 1 so I could just say 'One' or do this
  11. somdfunguy

    To the Lovely Stranger Who Left Their Cigarette Pack
  12. somdfunguy

    OTA anyone?

    When I lived there OTA was not in the cards since I didn't want to setup a mast. Moving to Richmond I am close to the towers and decided to build one. Only cost about $8 and gets almost 40 channels, some from over 140 miles away. This is just sitting in the bedroom and not on a mast. So does...
  13. somdfunguy

    How to cut a watermelon

    I can only find this video on Facebook but it is great.
  14. somdfunguy

    WR help please my son's birthday is coming up

    My son's 1st birthday is coming up and our normal cake person is on vacation. She is affordable and makes great cakes but since she is out naturally I thought of you. I need a Nonny cake and was wondering if you could make it and I will drive over. I've attached a few pictures for inspiration.
  15. somdfunguy

    DIY Stink bug trap
  16. somdfunguy

    Wegmans coming to town

    Well my town, not yours :razz:
  17. somdfunguy

    Hackers Lurking in Vents and Soda Machines
  18. somdfunguy

    heartbleed you can test your website here
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    Jodi Arias Barbie

  20. somdfunguy

    Prevent Cryptolocker it is www foolish without the spaces, the sensor blocks it