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  1. Monello

    Yogananda on a banana peel

    I heard she's going to become a reality TV star. She's teaming up with OJ of The Real Cellblock Bitches of Loveland Correctional fame to find the white supremists responsible for the 70% of black babies born out of wedlock. Lee Boyd Malvo rounds out the trio as the look out.
  2. Monello

    Pepe Le Pew is kinda rapey though

    I thought creepy foreigners that had unique accents got a few extra points before they got cancelled. French, Spanish, Italian, Brit to name a few. So if Pepe spoke like Nicky from Newark, he'd be can Xed immediately. But because he's exotic, he gets a pass. The reverse of this is when a...
  3. Monello

    Such Inspiration!

    The actress Tran. Not to be confused with a trans actress.
  4. Monello

    National Park Units

    There are 423 units under the National Park Service umbrella. Monuments, Historic Sites, Parks & Historic Parks make up over half of the units. Here's a link with the units listed by state. List of the United States National Park System official units - Wikipedia Here's my list so far...
  5. Monello

    Fall in the 1000 Islands of NY

    @limblips, did you grow up in this area?
  6. Monello

    SUP and kayaking

    I have a SE 285FPB. I use it to fish. It's a floating seat. Not much room for gear. I did get rid of the lead battery and swapped it out for a lithium one. New battery is 16 pounds and a lot smaller footprint than the old one. I've launched in both fresh and salt water. Put it in a river...
  7. Monello

    From Concentration Camps to Reception Centers....................... just like that!

    Call those places whatever you like. It's the people in there that came to this country illegally that I have the issue with. Go back to Bill Clinton's era. There's video of his speeches railing against illegals. What happened in 25 years to turn these locusts into saints?
  8. Monello

    Democrats Reject Republican Attempts To Prevent Stimulus Checks From Going To Prisoners, Illegal Aliens

    I'd give it to legal US resident prisoners before any illegal saw 1 red cent. Inmates can use the money to buy soap and toothpaste.
  9. Monello

    Look, ma! I got a new deployment ribbon!

    Well in fairness some parts of DC are more dangerous than Kandahar. Especially after dark.
  10. Monello

    74 million Americans want to say the "N" word!

    Eggplant is the new black.
  11. Monello

    74 million Americans want to say the "N" word!

    Anyone that disagrees with joyless is a racist. Just like anyone who opposed policies of the half white guy in the white house. Cuz racism.
  12. Monello

    You have to give credit for an accurate depiction

    In a sport where you can steal bases no less.
  13. Monello

    the other day...

    I'd love to hear those doing that interview taking a few moments to talk faith with Tim Tebow. He's a Met. Or was 1 the last time I checked a few years ago.
  14. Monello

    You have to give credit for an accurate depiction

    Almost every inner city victim on the TV show The First 48 are aspiring rappers. They never have any other career or job, just the 1 mentioned earlier. Turns out many are in the poorly regulated underground pharmaceutical distribution chain. And they have cool street names like crow bar, pork...
  15. Monello

    excuse prease.

    Dude looks like a lady.
  16. Monello

    Threats on Capitol

    This move is the equivalent of a knee on the neck of anyone that didn't vote for resident biden*.
  17. Monello

    Jesus loves us...

    Jesus wept
  18. Monello

    Oklahoma woman linked to home break-in after Cheetos residue found on her teeth

    If not mistaken, the correct term is cheetle.
  19. Monello

    Jesus loves us...

    Sort of like the televangelists of today. Well not the TV part.