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  1. Roman

    Missing Golden Retreiver/female

    No picture available. There was a car accident Friday December 8th in Prince Frederick behind Taco Bell. The dog bolted when the door was opened. There are currently people out looking for her. She was seen on Armory Road, and also at Green Turtle. She is wearing a pink collar. There are 2...
  2. Roman

    Chihuahua Found

    A very small Chihuahua was found in the Ranch Estates. I am posting this for a friend, who is the one that found it. The dog is safe, and in good condition. :EDIT: Call, or text 443-624-9743
  3. Roman

    Fritz Pub

    Does anyone have anything good or bad about dining in this place. I think it's in Leonardtown. Never heard of it before, and was thinking of going next week. TIA.
  4. Roman


    Happy Birthday to both you and your Sister.!!:party:
  5. Roman

    Advice greatly appreciated

    As many of you know, we own a crab business. We sell live crabs only. Here is the situation. We don't run our business through our home. We are road-side in Huntingtown from April until December, We live in Lusby. We have been roadside for almost 30 years. One morning, as I was getting in to the...
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    Clean out your mail box.
  7. Roman

    Any aquatic Turtle people out there?

    I have a 55 gallon tank with one Red Eared Slider, and one Yellow Belly slider. Both of them are small. I don't feed them in this tank, other than providing feeder fish. I take the turtles out to feed them pellets. I had a turtle before for 23 years. I know that the filtration system should be a...
  8. Roman

    Dr. Nasr

    Died this morning. What a loss.
  9. Roman

    Vacuum Cleaner advice

    I'm shopping for a new vacuum cleaner. I am kind of leaning toward a bagless style. Opinions? I like the uprights, with a 20+ foot cord, but will consider any vacuum that is good in your opinions. I'm not looking for anything fancy, and don't want to spend a pay check on one either. Thanks in...
  10. Roman

    FOUND Elderly Beagle

    Elderly Female Beagle found in Drum Point area. I will be taking her to see if she is micro-chipped this afternoon. Very nice dog who needs to find her way back home. A Friend of mine is who found her Friday 11/01/13. Her animals do not get along with her, and she will have to go. She has some...
  11. Roman

    Stray Mastiff (?)

    I'm posting for a friend, who has an intact male Mastiff looking dog hanging around her house this evening. He's the usual fawn color with a black brown face, with a dime sized scar on his left cheek. No colar, and weighs about 120+ pounds. Seems friendly. Was seen earlier in the company of a...
  12. Roman

    Reverse Boston Terrier

    My Husband bought me a Reverse Boston Terrier for our Wedding Anniversary. She is Female, and I'm at a loss for names. Anyone want to help me out by throwing some cute names my way? I will send pictures I think on Sunday. I never heard of a Reverse Boston. She is mostly white, and SO CUTE. I...
  13. Roman

    Puggle at Tri-County Shelter

    This must be Puggle Month at Tri-County Animal Shelter. There are 3 of them there. I think two are Males. There was a Female Puggle there that Animal Control found in a Field in Charles County Wednesday, the 18th, She is missed by someone, you can tell she is well-loved. She looks like a Tick...
  14. Roman

    Found Peacocks

    I found three Peacocks hanging around my Chicken Coop today, the 30th. I live on the Riverside of Lusby. I've given them water, and food. If they are yours, please send me a PM. Two seem to be juvinile Females, and the other might be a Male, or full-grown Female. Thanks................:bann:
  15. Roman

    Puppy Found Route 4 Lusby

    I have a German Shepard mix, fully intact Male that was running around on S/B Rte 4, and Rousby Hall Road, Lusby this evening. He has a Collar, but no Tag. Several cars almost hit him at the intersection. PLEASE PM me if he is yours. I'm taking him to the Vet tomorrow, to see if he is Chipped...
  16. Roman

    adopted 14 y/o Cat

    We took in one of our Friend's cats. She's pretty old, but in good shape. Her owner died 2 weeks ago. She seems very friendly, good appetite, but she is hidden out under our bed. I did put food, and water under there, and a litter box in the room. She only came out to use the box, and she goes...
  17. Roman

    lost Chocolate Lab

    A man came by our house this afternoon, saying that he lost his Chocolate Lab. He talked to my Husband, who took the man's number down. I don't know if it is Male, or Female, but it was lost somewhere in the Drum Point area, and Ships Point. If found, please PM me. I can't even tell you when the...
  18. Roman

    Flea Problem!!

    [B]My pup has the Fleas from hell! Anyone else out there having a flea problem? She is on Vectra-D, the Vet just put her on it 2 weeks ago. I had been using Front-Line plus, but it didn't seem to be working, so he changed to the Vectra. I always make sure that I put the flea stuff on 5 days...
  19. Roman

    Dogs and Seizures

    My 8 month-old female Boston Terrier had 2 episodes of what looked like seizures the other day. One happened when she was sleeping, and the other happened while playing, so I took her to her Vet. The Vet didn't put her on any medicine for it, until all the lab work comes back in, which should be...
  20. Roman

    what is the best dog/pup food?

    We all have the best interest of our K-9 Companions at heart. I want to feed my Pup the BEST food possible, wet & dry. My pup likes the Deli Fresh the best out of all. What do YOU recomend? Are Marro Bones from the Butcher good to give raw as a treat? When I go on-line to compare, and look in to...