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  1. CrabbyClark

    Easter Dinner

    Leg of lamb.
  2. CrabbyClark

    Tea Tree Oil

    It is definitely in the vitamin section, I use it all the time.
  3. CrabbyClark

    Live Eagle Cam...

    First baby eaglet hatched today at Norfolk!
  4. CrabbyClark

    Skipping DVD Trailers and FBI Warning ....

    Thanks! I'll try that tonight!
  5. CrabbyClark

    Live Eagle Cam...

    The eagle in Norfolk laid her first egg on January 31st and there is a total of 3 now. Eagle Cam | HAMPTON ROADS NEWS | | News for Hampton Roads, Virginia | Microsite Content
  6. CrabbyClark

    "It's Gonna' Be Biblical"

    I saw it last night, awesome movie!
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    I just tried the page again and no problem, wierd. Poor girl. I have had my rottie for 11 years and she is the most gentle and sweetest girl in the world. This is truly sad.
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    I use the AVG anti-virus program.
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    My anti-virus program detected a threat on this page and blocked it.
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    DUI in Calvert County

    An old friend of mine in St Mary's got 2 DUI's and got a PBJ both times. I believe she had Sam Baldwin as her lawyer.
  11. CrabbyClark

    Norfolk eagle cam

    Mama's sitting on 3 eggs. Eagle Cam | HAMPTON ROADS NEWS | | News for Hampton Roads, Virginia | Microsite Content
  12. CrabbyClark

    What are you doing while in the house 2day?

    I have been online all day lMAO reading the forums today. It has been pretty entertaining and it hasn't stopped! I don't know how people can write this stuff so quickly. Thank you SOMD!!!
  13. CrabbyClark

    Oh Jwwb!!!

    Yeah, yeah, we got our butts kicked!
  14. CrabbyClark

    Oh Jwwb!!!

    :buddies: I'm with ya!
  15. CrabbyClark

    Oh Jwwb!!!

    Why thanks!
  16. CrabbyClark

    Oh Jwwb!!!

    Go Bruins!
  17. CrabbyClark

    Oh Jwwb!!!

  18. CrabbyClark

    Road Conditions?

    It wouldn't surprise me if all the roads in the area were closed by the end of the day. There are already parts of 64 and 264 that are closed.
  19. CrabbyClark

    Road Conditions?

    We have about 4" here in Norfolk now and could possibly get as much as 16"!! You are so right, this will cripple the area for a week!
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    The last person