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    Petsitter/housesitter needed. Bonded and Insured. Located in Clements, MD
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    Letter to editor

    As far as I'm aware she is. And if you've ever been in a nursing home there are plenty of patients with this disease that are disruptive. Meds or no meds. It's unfortunately part of the disease.
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    Letter to editor

    Great letter in the Enterprise yesterday. They need to do a story on how our seniors are treated in this county/country.
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    Gaited Horse Clinic

    Joe London Gaited Horse Clinic. Please see flyer for info!
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    Alzheimer's Support Group?

    There is a support group that meets at St Marys Nursing Home the THIRD Monday of every month at 6:30 Pm Ask at the front desk and they will send you to the correct room. Facilitator is Sharon Nicholson. Please feel free to join us!
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    Farrier needed in Calvert

    I use Pat Quinn 410-474-1054 He's in Calvert. On time and returns calls.
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    Primary Care Physician

    I second Dr Gill!
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    Labradoodle info, please... A good article to read if your looking for hypoallergenic.
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    Labradoodle info, please...

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    From the classifieds:

    But some idiot will buy it. Just like they buy all the other mutts for much much more!
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    Heat Pumps

    We just had our until replaced two months ago. We used T.N. Bowes. I can't say enough wonderful things about them. Our new unit is a Carrier, and with the SMECO rebate, the Carrier rebate, and T.N. Bowes gave another 5% off for paying cash. They were professional, and I would call them again...
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    Farmstead Kennels I highly recommend Happy Tails Pet Sitting. Pets are less stressed staying home. We have used them before and are very happy!
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    Vet reccommendations....

    Why yes I did
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    Vet reccommendations....

    I'm guessing Dr. Schmitt is very familiar with this breed And yes, she is. I've used her as my vet for as long as I have been in the breed.
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    Vet reccommendations....

    I think PFAH is very fair in their prices. More so then other vets. I've been going there for a very long time. I would rather pay more at a vet who is experienced with mastiffs then take the chance that a chain hospital would kill my dog not having the experience. Mastiffs as I'm sure...
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    Vet reccommendations....

    I have raised and shown mastiffs for 20 years. I have always used Prince Frederick Animal Hospital. 410-535-2590. Ask to see Dr Schmitt. I've never used Banfield in Annapolis or anywhere. You just need to make sure they are experienced with giant breed dogs, and using anesthesia and with...
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    If someone tells me my dog is a pony...

    I have mastiffs and have the same issue with people thinking it is a pony!
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    Breton Vet Hospital?

    In Leonardtown. She owns Breton Veterinary Clinic
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    Breton Vet Hospital?

    Might be a little farther for you but Prince Frederick Animal Hospital is great! If not, I would also recommend All Kinds. Good luck!
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    senior apartments?

    Try Cedar Lane Apartments in Leonardtown. My mom lives there and really likes it.