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  1. CrabbyClark

    Norfolk eagle cam

    Mama's sitting on 3 eggs. Eagle Cam | HAMPTON ROADS NEWS | | News for Hampton Roads, Virginia | Microsite Content
  2. CrabbyClark

    Still alive

    As much as many of you must hate it, I'M STILL ALIVE AND KICKING!! Patriots rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. CrabbyClark

    Happy Birthday.....................

    Smith!! 43yo today! :bday:
  4. CrabbyClark

    I'll bet you thought I was dead!!

    Still alive and banging nails in Norfolk. Damn, my red is getting low, PUMP ME UP!! :larry:
  5. CrabbyClark

    Merry Freakin Christmas

    Can't wait until tomorrow then this day will be a full year away.
  6. CrabbyClark

    Hello my peeps!

    Thank you for all the unsigned red!! At least Yankees would sigh it but I know how you SMIBS are. Trust me, it doesn't bother me, I am sooooooo lucky to be outta there!!
  7. CrabbyClark


    Wow, now that was a long nightmare!! OK, ok, I'm back. I am sure a lot of you hate it but my friends will now know that I am ok. WHAT a story I have for you!!
  8. CrabbyClark

    What, no red today??

    Come on people, don't give up on me now!! :larry:
  9. CrabbyClark

    Very afraid!

    MET A NEW WOMAN, i definitely don'T want to be betrayed again!! How do you tell if a woman is not psyco!!
  10. CrabbyClark

    Done for the week........

    and I am heading out for the weekend. Tomorrow SNAFU! It's been quite a while but this is going to be a serious Jim Beam weekend! And Rolling Rock of course.
  11. CrabbyClark


    Anyone going to the SNAFU this weekend?
  12. CrabbyClark

    Virginia Beach Bound..............

    and I can't wait to get out of here!!
  13. CrabbyClark

    Lunatic Luau

    Nothing cheers you up more than a heavy metal concert followed by a big new tatoo!! Weather is great in Virginia Beach and I am headed off to watch my son pitch in the Norfolk city league. I almost hate coming back up tomorrow morning!
  14. CrabbyClark

    I'm back!!

    Hello all, I am back! Down at the beach this weekend, going to a Cajun Festival tonight and the FM99 :larry: Lunitic Luau tomorrow. I'll be back in the area Monday and I hope to see a few of you. Time to head out, have a good night all.