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    Letter to editor

    Great letter in the Enterprise yesterday. They need to do a story on how our seniors are treated in this county/country.
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    Gaited Horse Clinic

    Joe London Gaited Horse Clinic. Please see flyer for info!
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    Equine chiropractor

    Has anyone used Dr Mende from Wolf Creek Equine for chiropractic on their horses? Like? Dislikes? Thanks.
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    Where in the county can you buy bulk sawdust? I have the means to pick up , just don't know who sells it. Thanks
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    Health Ins Info

    Does anyone have an individual health insurance policy? The work policy is going up in price and I want to shop around and see what different policys cost. Can anyone recommed a company? Thanks!
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    Hughes Net internet service

    Does anyone here have Hughes net for their internet service? If so what do you like/dislike about it? Where I am located I have the option of them or dialup. I currently have dialup but it is SLOW, and I want something else! I have tried cable but they want 6K to run the cable to my...