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    Are there any crops coming up soon? Now that my son isn't playing baseball I an get back into scrapbooking and am looking for some crops where I can be away from the house and won't be distured by the men!
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    Did anyone see?

    Guy at beginning of White Sands in truck a few months ago saying he didn't pay association fees? I had wanted to stop but always had something going on where I couldn't stop & talk. I wanted to know if anyone stopped and talked to him and how he was getting away with not paying the dues. I've...
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    Motorcycle accident on Rt. 261 on Saturday

    Does anyone know who was involved in the accident on Rt. 261 near Breezy Point during the Poker Run for Renegades? I heard it was bad and have been trying to find out who was involved. Anyone also know what happend. I heard a car pulled out in front of the bikes.
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    Why are crops always during the day on Saturdays?

    I would love to attend a crop but they are always during the day on Saturday. I would love to attend one but I work on Saturday's until 2 pm. Could someone please do some crops on Saturday night or Sunday.
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    Handle grip question

    I just bought a 92 Sportster so I can learn to ride. I want to change the hand grips because the ones on it are just too big. Does anyone know how to get the old ones off? I don't want to take it some place just have have that done.
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    Molly Hatchett last night??

    Okay all you Molly Hatchett fans how was the concert? Did they still sound good? I figured with 500 tickets sold it would be really crowded and didn't want to bother with all the people. :larry: Anything of interest happen?
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    Gas pumps on fire at Safeway in Dunkirk

    I was just talking to my son and it came across the scanner that the gas pumps were on fire at the Safeway in Dunkirk. Is anyone else listening? I'm up in College Park and can't get on the scanner. Anyone have any more information?
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    Repair of kerosene heaters

    Does anyone know a place/person in Calvert Co. who works on kerosene heaters? If not in Calvert, St. Mary's will do. I have one that I need to have cleaned and the wick replaced.