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    A two-minute quick explanation of the history and meaning of Juneteenth. I think a lot of Americans are learning what it actually means for the first time this year. Ironic that we are restricted from holding big group celebrations this year.
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    Local Solomons nursing home COVID case

    Not sure why this hasn't been in the news yet, but: "As of April 11, … At Asbury Solomons we have one positive case with a resident in our health care center." In layman's terms, that's a typical geriatric nursing center. I know...
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    Virtual Service Options

    Might be useful to start sharing a list of churches running virtual services in these no-gathering physical-distancing days. People are likely stressed and interested in reaching out to God for comfort, maybe more than usual, and social companionship is important in such times. Our church has a...
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    COVID-19 case confirmed on base 3/23

    Just heard that a COVID-19 case was confirmed positive (by testing). The individual is apparently a member of one of the large test teams on base. I'd first heard about the potential case over a week ago - it took them quite some time to get results apparently.
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    Two new COVID-19 cases in St Marys
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    Ring or Nest camera to discourage miscreants?

    ...or some other brand? I've been considering a security camera, and I'm curious what experiences this forum's members have had with the technology. Totally wireless? Wired only for power with wifi for signal? Totally wired CCTV with recording box? Viewable by cell phone, or not? etc... Our...
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    Your dollar in Maryland

    Yay, Maryland. Fifth from the bottom of the list, at a relative value of $0.91.
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    AtlanticBB/Tivo vs DirectTV

    Looking to cut costs, but not really "cut the cord" yet - our family is too invested in DVR time-shifting and commercial-skipping to want to go straight to Roku or Hulu. A couple questions. 1) Have any of you abandoned DirecTV in favor of AtlanticBB / Metrocast RECENTLY, and have any stories...
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    Crime Public Briefing on Recent LP Burglaries and Robberies
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    Outdated "sticky" topics

    Can I respectfully ask that the two sticky topics that were last updated in 2015 be "un-sticky'd"? "Wedding and Engagement Announcements" "Attention Local Music Venues and Bands"
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    Going, going, going... and still going...

    Yeah, Raleys. I've lived here a few decades, and I can't remember a time when they were NOT "closing soon" or "going out of business." Sorry, but such sales tactics make me avoid a store.
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    EZPass transponders now free in MD

    Cool. That should save some coin for my family - with two kids in college in VA, and other various vacations across the 301 Nice bridge. No transponder fees, and reduced toll rates to boot...
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    Caught you, Walmart...

    I think I caught you, Walmart.... selectively blocking Amazon on your WiFi network. Which is especially frustrating because at the back of the store there's no LTE/4G reception.
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    Excellent lightning map

    This seems like a good night to share a favorite website. Click the Real Time Maps dropdown menu, and select Dynamic Size, and you can zoom into our region. Wonderful tool; it shows lighting strikes in near real time - as little as a couple seconds of delay in...
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    Strange airplane seen tonight

    I saw something strange tonight and was curious if anyone else had seen it. A small aircraft flew fairly low over my neighborhood, maybe 500 feet up, and it looked about the size and shape of a Cessna. It caught my eye because underneath the center was a bright green light, which is unusual for...
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    Red and green measles for Christmas

    An amazing number of houses around here are sporting a case of measles. I wonder how long before the FAA cracks down on them for shining a few hundred laser beams into the air, right on the primary approach path to the air base...
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    Congratulations Patuxent Panthers!

    Maryland high school football division 2A State Champs! 21-20 in a nail-biting finish.
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    Something wicked this way comes... (Joaquin)

    Heads up for Monday. At the moment this storm is looking frighteningly like a repeat of Isabel, maybe with stronger winds. If you're the praying type, pray...
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    Where to buy locally made porch furniture

    Can anyone tell me where to buy locally made porch furniture, such as treated lumber porch swings? I have seen roadside displays of plastic lumber chairs but I would like to know about real wood instead.
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    AirBnB hosting experiences?

    Does anyone have any practical experience hosting with AirBnB in Southern Maryland? I'm curious about collecting and/or paying any required taxes (especially in St Mary's), required licenses, and how frequently rooms actually get rented.