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  1. BlueBird

    Any obese runners here?

    Me and Eunice bought ourselves a new treadmill so we can start exercising. It says for my age and weight my target heart rate for burning fat is only 116! That's not very high, heck just getting up off the couch gets me close to that. I want to start jogging but if I do my heart rate goes up...
  2. BlueBird


    My GERD is getting very bad and I'm pretty sure I almost died last night. I woke up literally gasping for air and it took me a awhile to be able to breathe, I was very scared. This has happened before but never to this extent! I was drowning on stomach acid. Yep, I know the rules, no eating too...
  3. BlueBird

    An important message from Bluebird.

    The aliens returned me about a week ago. What an ordeal. Warning to all: ALIENS ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS.
  4. BlueBird

    I was abducted by Aliens!

    They just returned me a week ago, no idea how long I was gone!
  5. BlueBird

    Hello everyone.

  6. BlueBird

    Recently started jogging II

    I didn't feel right after I quit so I've decided to start back up again. As soon as my hangovrr subsides I'm going to pound the pavement. Feeling better already. I ran 14 miles total last week. Take that running shoes.
  7. BlueBird

    Recently quit jogging

    And that is that! Time for a ham sammich!
  8. BlueBird

    Your Basic Metabolic Rate and you!

    A family member of mine is a dietitian and we were talking about my diet and exercise plan. He made an interesting point and I would like to share it with you. If you are over weight and you want to reach your ideal weight then you should only consume the daily calorie intake based on what you...
  9. BlueBird

    Lets get a Republican in the Whithouse III.

    My initial thread on this topic was to stress the importance of supporting a candidate who has a strong chance to beat Hillary in November. I started a follow up thread theorizing that Democrats were crossing party lines to support Trump with no intentions of voting for him in the general...
  10. BlueBird

    The Bluebird diet

    I'll be posting my daily food intake in this thread. I'm on a 1500 max calorie per day diet. 40% carbs, 35% protein, 25% fat. I'll post a weekly update of calories burned and weight lost.
  11. BlueBird

    I bought a scale.

    Wow I'm even fatter than I though! I have a lot of work to do.
  12. BlueBird

    Lets get a Republican in the White House part II.

    If you've read my other thread the message was that we need to support some one other than Trump if your ultimate goal is to get a Republican in the White House. I think it's too late now based on how well Trump is doing in the delegate race. We have failed our party at the primaries and...
  13. BlueBird

    Lets chat

    I was recently accused of being too serious on the forums lately. I guess the lobotomy worked. We live in serious times people!
  14. BlueBird

    Recently started jogging.

    I need a reality check so hopefully some more experienced runners will chime in. I've really let myself go, I'm fat and very out of shape and I'm sick of how I look and feel. Last month I decided to get more active and started walking and then jogging (really not much faster than a brisk walk)...
  15. BlueBird

    Lets get a Republican in the WH!

    The majorities of sane American’s know and understand why we need a GOP President in the White House now more than ever. The problem is that the Republican Party is a mess and it's due mostly because of the rise of Donald Trump. We can't blame Donald Trump for this as it's we the people who put...
  16. BlueBird

    "Suicide Seeds"

    These things are going to be all the rage! Link
  17. BlueBird

    Need quick advice on a desktop computer.

    My hard drive crashed on our 8 year old desk top so we need to replace it quickly. We found the one in the link below and it looks like it's more than capable of performing all we need it to. Is it a good computer and will it last? Good price for the machine? We don't want an apple computer so...
  18. BlueBird

    Everything is breaking.

    In the last month it seems like everything we have is breaking. It started with mt television set which we enjoyed for years. We since replaced it with a beautiful 65" Samsung 4K that set us back about 2K. This morning my wife was in the office on our main computer to check email and I get...
  19. BlueBird

    Hillary blackmailed the media. This shouldn't surprise anyone.
  20. BlueBird

    Post SB blues!

    This is the worse time of year for me when it comes to sports. I'm not a hockey or NBA fan and I don't follow college B ball either. Baseball season is around the corner but in the mean time my Monday night, Thursday night and Sundays are now left with a huge void that can't be filled until...