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    Chesapeake Shores

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    Beautiful Day

    Seriously a beautiful day. :bann: All the flowers soon. This makes me happy.
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    Happy Birthday, Stgislander

    :bday: (the strawberry pie was great!)
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    Happy Birthday, NextJen

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    St. Mary's Co. Sheriff Somerville, First Black Sheriff in Maryland, Passes Away at 81

    I remember him well, and he was a good man. RIP Joe Lee.
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    Happy Birthday Wi Hahn!

    :bday: Wi
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    See post #5
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    I have a question.

    I can't love this enough.
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    Vintage costume jewelry

    I love it! Especially the dragonfly up top.
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    New To The Area

    Welcome :howdy: I think you'll love it here.
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    COVID Testing

    I hope you feel better soon..... :bann:
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    What's for dinner?

    Crab cake, seared scallops and cole slaw. Strawberry pie for desert. Thanks for the recipe @SGI !
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    What's for dinner?

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    Car Colors

    My mom used to keep us busy in the car as kids with this: Rigama, rigama, rigamarie, I see something that you don't see... and it's red (or blue, or green). Then you had to guess what it was. Kept us all busy and no fighting. Genius. I haven't thought about that for YEARS.
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    Chit chat Looks like a good place

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    I got the covid

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    I got the covid

    B- here. Found out with my first child. Red Cross loved me... they even offered to come to me for my blood. Only 2 percent of the population has B-.
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    Science or Common Sense - Which is It?

    My neighbor's husband died alone in the hospital this past August. She wasn't allowed in to see him. My sister is in an assisted living facility in another state and has not been out or allowed to have a visitor in a year. I agree, this is all so wrong.
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    Never have I ever...

    I used to be a pretty good shot with the 9mm (that paper target was mine! ). Did shoot a shotgun, but only hit one clay pigeon out of twenty. I think I'll take an interest again. Are you taking classes?