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    Nancy's laptop

    I heard on the radio the woman who stole Nancy's laptop turned herself in. :yikes: Anyone else hear this?
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    Ring cameras

    I received a ring security camera for my birthday. Who has one? Any advice? TIA!
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    This morning I saw dolphins right off my pier!!!! I got all excited. First time I have actually seen them. :biggrin:
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    Happy Anniversary....

    to my best little buddy, Cody. We adopted each other 11 years ago today! I love you so much. 💋
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    Text from Steny

    I received a text from Steny's people asking for my support. He's "leading the charge in the House to hold Trump accountable". So I responded by text. When I tried to call to ask to be spared this nonsense, guess what? Not a working number. What's up with that?
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    Anyone missing a kayak?

    Washed up on my beach (St. Mary's side near Thomas Johnson Bridge) You describe.
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    Well and septic pricing?

    Interested in a new well and septic system. Anyone here have any recommendations? St. Mary's County.
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    Tajii escaped outside last night! I saw him this morning in the fenced area under the bridge, but by the time I climbed over the fence he had disappeared. He's never been outside before so I know he's having a blast, but I'm sounding the horn for anyone who sees him to let me know. I'm in the...
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    to the world Kylee!!!!!!! 6 lbs, ll oz, PERFECT in every way.... It is a beautiful day.
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    So many things go through your mind

    when your mother passes away. Memories, hopes, dreams, disappoints and regrets. Small kindnesses and sweet lessons. Laughter, tears, and wishing you could do more. I am so sad. Today, I hope all of you who still have your mothers, will take the time to tell her you love her. No matter...
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    my daughter took her cat to All Kinds in Callaway this morning,.... she pulled an escape. My daughter stayed there all day trying to coax her out of the woods behind the office. She had to go to work this evening and is heart broken. Duchess is a small all grey girl with brilliant green eyes...
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    Weather alert!

    It's raining it's a@@ off! That is all.
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    To Corey

    at Lenny's.... just wanted to say thank you for, absolutely, positively, THE BEST scallops I have ever put in my mouth tonight. ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I need a new garage

    Anybody have any suggestions?
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    Hey RoseRed?! You out there?

    If you are, I'm still :stupid:... so you must post the clip titled "what really goes on the in woods at night" (or something like that) for todays date. Too cute. TIA!
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    hey wineo

    :bday::bdaycake::thewave: Happy Birthday!
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    Hi all! Just in case anyone is interested, I would like to formally state that the "trial" home is officially a forever home. We've still got a long way to go, but, come what may, Tajii is home.:huggy:
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    Hello, Hello, Hello!

    ok, I've never "started a thread" before, so be nice... 7 year old Jacob Meador is having an "event" at Elks Lodge, TODAY! Jacob has Burkitt's Lymphoma. He's getting better! But he needs help. There will be a band and refreshments -- 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. $25.00 per person at...