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    NAACP Image Awards

    Scrolling through the TV channels tonight and this is on multiple channels. NBC being a major one. Not sure of their audience up against NCAA basketball. But on the Ovation channel guess what I found , Blazing Saddles . Funny isn't it . :yahoo:
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    Is BLM an actual organization or just a loose bunch of people that show up to protest .? There must be someone in charge to organize. If there was they need to tell these little white anarchists to go the f##k home. You are ruining our message.
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    Next Stimulus

    So now that the last stimulus has run out, I haven't seen much about what's next. Trump signed some EO's and Congress has gone on vacation. Congress was at a stalemate on their proposals. Have the EO's taken effect .? There were to be court battles over them. Not much news about it. Or could...