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  1. twinoaks207

    HELP!! Squirrel!!!!

    Hello fellow forumites! Please forgive my prolonged absence -- life got way too busy! i am in search of a licensed professional who can remove the squirrel in my living room/dining room ceiling before he succeeds in his efforts to chew through my ceiling tiles (OLD house) and does a...
  2. twinoaks207

    Dentists working with phobic patients?

    Are there any Dentists in Calvert County who are good at working with phobic patients?
  3. twinoaks207

    New Keurig

    As I no longer have to outfit personal kids for back to school (youngest baby graduated in June), I treated myself to a Keurig for my school office. I share my room with a colleague who is currently pregnant, I am in search of decaf pumpkin spice. If anyone sees it anywhere, please let me know...
  4. twinoaks207

    Education issue makes WashPo front page

    I know you all have been reading what I've been posting about what's going on with education in the state & country today with Common Core and some of the key players involved - Bill Gates, Arne Duncan, Eli Broad, Michelle Rhee, et al. Some of you believed what I was saying and some of you did...
  5. twinoaks207

    Reasons to reject Common Core Standards for Grades K-3

    Valerie Strauss GETS it!
  6. twinoaks207

    Education and Big business

    If you don't believe that public Education in our country right now is under attack by big business and special interests, perhaps you ought to read this report and connect the dots...
  7. twinoaks207

    Obama & Arne Duncan do NOT get rave reviews

    Diane is not impressed, and neither am I.
  8. twinoaks207

    Death of Public Schools

    If you want to know what is happening with public education today, keep up with Diane Ravitch.
  9. twinoaks207

    School closings for Monday 3/3/14

    So far, the following schools have made closing announcements: Prince George's County Public Schools Anne Arundel County Public Schools (their MSA's are re-scheduled to Wed & Thurs) Calverton (per
  10. twinoaks207

    any tractor fans out there?

    This is hysterical! _XZn0Jz_D2k
  11. twinoaks207

    Way to go Leonardtown Tina!!

    "Tina" from Leonardtown just won a trip to a resort in Antigua on the Kelly & Michael Show. Nice to see Southern Maryland respresented! (Yeah, I know, it's kind of pathetic that I'm watching this, but hey, they're funny & George Clooney is on today as a guest! :lol: )
  12. twinoaks207

    Yahoo Mail???

    Yahoo mail is really effed up right now -- keeps kicking us out & making us re-sign into accounts. Anyone else having this problem this morning (12/24/13)?
  13. twinoaks207

    Propaganda Techniques

    Ah, yes, deep into a Government Shutdown, and the propaganda is flying fast and furious. We're all dizzy from the spin. Please review, and use this info as a starting point for reference as we go through even more "Washington silliness". Source site for this info: Recognizing...
  14. twinoaks207

    Catholic priests forbidden to say Mass ...

    Catholic priests in military face arrest for celebrating Mass | Fox News Does anyone here know if this is true for ALL faiths in the military right now during the shutdown? Or is it only Catholics? (Trying to find out facts & the extent of the problem)
  15. twinoaks207

    Dear Congress...

    Seen on Facebook today. I totally agree!
  16. twinoaks207

    Adventures with pumpkin...

    Wasn't sure where to put this so thought I'd just throw it in here... It is FALL! Every fall I start doing the "pumpkin" thing...pumpkin spice coffee or coffee creamer, pumpkin muffins, etc., etc. I am now experimenting with pumpkin recipes. Last week was Pumpkin Chicken Chili (really --...
  17. twinoaks207

    Mt. Harmony Road accident (Calvert)?

    Road closed with barricades a while ago. Didn't hear any sirens previous. Anyone know what's up? Prayers out to folks involved if needed.
  18. twinoaks207

    "America is not the greatest country in the world"

    Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore. - YouTube Discuss. :tap:
  19. twinoaks207

    RIP James Gandolfini

    Died suddenly while on vacation in Italy. James Gandolfini dead at 51 | Variety
  20. twinoaks207

    CIA Deputy Director resigns

    CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell Resigns | Oh, that'll work....NOT!