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  1. frequentflier

    Happy Birthday, Stgislander

    Hope your day rocks :larry:
  2. frequentflier

    Happy Birthday, NextJen

    Hope your day rocks :larry:
  3. frequentflier

    Vintage costume jewelry

    Since I am now retired, I have time to do all the fun things I never had time to do. For my current project, I need old jewelry- in particular pins, clip on earrings, barrettes and maybe necklaces and bracelets. So if Grandma's passed down treasures that you will never wear or are taking up room...
  4. frequentflier

    Fire proof gun safe

    When we purchased this home, there was a 6' X 3' gun safe in the basement. Big heavy thing! The family offered to have it moved and we opted to keep it. There was a lot of fighting within the family and it appears someone hired a lock smith to remove the combination dial and replaced it with a...
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    Good Sunday morning, all! It's smowing in Lusby :yahoo:
  6. frequentflier

    Happy Day DaSDGuy

    Hope your day rocks :larry:
  7. frequentflier

    Need advice

    This petite and heavy lady needs to buy dark clothes; either pants and jacket or heavy dress. The last few times I shopped for clothes, after covid, stores were bare and I know it is after the holidays so store may be low again (if they ever restocked). I also understand clothing choices may...
  8. frequentflier

    Your Honor

    With Bryan Cranston. Watched first four episodes last night and fell asleep during the fifth. Just like in Breaking Bad, he is an intense and convincing actor. Though it is dark, I think I am hooked and it's going to be painful to wait for it to come on on Sunday nights! Anyone?
  9. frequentflier

    Happy New Year, ya'all

    So it is just by chance that I am awake at this hour since I don't normally celebrate in the tradition of ringing in the new year. It has always been a changing of the calendar. Wake up on the first of the new year and have to adjust writing a different year on checks and correspondence (yeah...
  10. frequentflier

    Pepper's Closing

    So tomorrow 12/19 is our last day. Though I was not shamed into it by "Karen's", I have marked all food, gifts and pet supplies down to 50% off today and tomorrow if anyone is interested. We have a lot of office and store supplies, fluorescent light bulbs and ballasts, towels, a desk etc etc...
  11. frequentflier

    Pepper's closing

    As many of you may know, Pepper's Pet Pantry in Solomons is closing. There is another pet store owner that was interested in taking over the space and buying left over inventory and shelving, tubs etc. which would have been great for me! The landlord, rather than giving him a great deal, is...
  12. frequentflier

    Happy Day herb749

    I hope your day rocks :larry:
  13. frequentflier

    Leslie Stahl

    Has anyone seen the Trump/Leslie Stahl interview? Unedited? For the record, I have watched 60 Minutes for many years but they have definitely changed a lot. Though politics were not on my radar as much, let's say 10 years ago, they are definitely leaning hard left and many of their interviews...
  14. frequentflier

    got some advice today

    This morning, as I was enjoying my first cup of coffee and checking my emails, I receive this: Error on your website Message It looks like you've misspelled the word "Sheperd" on your website. I thought you would like to know :). Silly mistakes can ruin your site's credibility. I've used a...
  15. frequentflier

    Happy Day, SamSpade!

    Hope your day rocks :larry:
  16. frequentflier

    Sick of this $hit

    Covid $hit! Dr appt yesterday complete $hit show. Supposed to be 1:30, almost 3 PM before I was seen. In a mask the whole time. Two people w/o appts were allowed in ahead of me and lady in waiting room that also had an appt time at 1:30. Today, a call into a specialist. Leave a message. They...
  17. frequentflier

    What a gift!

    Some friends gifted my yard with a 3 foot black snake today. I hope it enjoys the voles and mice on the property along with some copperheads. I told them it was one of the nicest gifts I have ever received :lmao:
  18. frequentflier

    Happy Day, awpitt

    Hope your day rocks :larry:
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    Good Morning!

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