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    Man raped underage girl over 500 times

    Prison sentence? I'm good with a click and a boom.
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    Traffic Rant Is this the new way to ride Motorcycles?

    I generally don't take the bike down that way after dark. I will take the Jeep or car though.
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    Doctors are Anti-Vaxxers, too.

    Yep, sorry to tell you, but being female, white, or having a college education doesn't mean you are more intelligent. Unless you can pijt to these degrees being in STEM fields, the incidence of a degree means very little in this discussion. I am constantly amazed when speaking to people from all...
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    Traffic Rant Is this the new way to ride Motorcycles?

    Doesnt bother me as much, speeds are lower, there's none of the uncertainty of possibly being passed on the shoulder.
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    This is the end of my presidency. I’m f*cked

    So Trump didnt like the idea of an investigator mucking about? Thats the big bad thing? Really. Ever worked in a place where inspectors were a regular thing? Inspections slow the work, even if your stuff is spotless. So him not wanting to deal with that doesnt mean squat.
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    Traffic Rant Is this the new way to ride Motorcycles?

    That whole section has a +10 caution level for me, car or bike. Just too much going on from too many directions.
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    ‘You told me to': Video shows Charlotte police officer kill man following orders to drop gun

    Yeah, the write-up makes no effort to convey that he was obscured and the way he pulled the weapon out of his pocket made it almost impossible to see where it was pointed. I dont think he intended to menace them with it, but given he had already threatened two other people, and appeared to be...
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    Page 4 and an addendum

    "Interfered". Words, they are hard, I get that, especially English ones. If an ant crosses my path and I step over it, did it interfere with my walk? If there's a pine cone on front of my tire, did it interfere with my drive? Lets not confuse wanting to interfere with the actual ability to do...
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    Traffic Rant Traffic Rant of the Day (can we get a sticky?)

    Chancellors was raised from 40-45 I think about a year after it was finished, from 40-45..... State sets state roads, of course, and MD seems to be much more of a "set by type" state, even though the SHA pays lip service to the idea of the 85th percentile...
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    Page 1...already a different story

    So, nothing illegal happened? Lets move on....
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    Traffic Rant Traffic Rant of the Day (can we get a sticky?)

    Yep, every Sat or Sunday morning, becuase thats when the crashes happen. I will say in their defense that they generally us a 10mph over buffer, but at that, they can pick and choose folks going 55 and up all day long. Which really means that 45 is too low and most likely not based on a a...
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    Just not how the "innocent" act

    That machine is screaming for a high quality photoshop makeover into the MAGAGRABBER!!!!!!
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    Just not how the "innocent" act

    Yeah, like they would ever accept the results of any panel that he convened. :)
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    St. Mary's Co. Driving Paving Companies

    See above :) Our 30 year old private road had a lot of sections like this. The nice civil engineer explained that such cracking is caused by the roadbed giving way below the surface. Since ours were old and not getting any worse really, he said that it was okay to pave over them. That the...
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    St. Mary's Co. Driving Paving Companies

    We had All Pro out of Waldorf repave (cover coat) the 1/4 mile long private road two years back year after 30 years in service, and three of the homeowners on the street had their driveways redone at that time. It's held up well so far, we are having them come out and sealcoat this year. I was...
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    NKorea says it tested new weapon, wants Pompeo out of talks

    How do you know when you are pushying them enough? When they push back. And you get two choices. Dig in and stand strong, or cave. We've been caving for a long damn time, lets try this new thing where we tell them to screw off.
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    Game of Thrones

    the memes are priceless. Jaime to Bran : Need a push? Bran: No, could you use a hand?
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    Obama Era Appointee Woman Keep Up The Entitlement

    If you rent from someplace that charges beyond an allowance (I'm an Avis guy, but) that could happen. I'm having a blast with a govt co-worker whose been travelling a lot and bemoaning DTS. Pointing out that while he's getting keelhauled for a $7 parking charge, this lady got 7K back for a...
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    Best Car Battery to Purchase

    I like AGMs. But do buy one from a common place. Duralast Platimums are what I"m putting in the fleet around here. Three year full replacement, the older BMW convertibles require them due to the vibe environment, the 2015 Jeep requires it for the extra beating the Engine Start Stop system places...
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    Charles Co. Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision; Waldorf; April 11, 2019

    This is another one where the family and friends piled into the local news site comments sections to let you know that it was all the truck fault, and that he was a great guy and even if he was speeding, the truck shoulda seen him coming......... Me, I have a pretty good idea what sort of energy...