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  1. frequentflier

    You WILL love me!!!

    No thanks. 18 minutes I won't get back. I will take your word for it!
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    Processing grief

  3. frequentflier

    What are you serving for Easter dinner?

    My Mother always used cloves and pineapple.
  4. frequentflier

    Tornado Watch

    You are handsome in the video. Your avatar, not so much!!
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    Another one goes on ignore...
  6. frequentflier

    Tornado Watch

    Having lived in SW FL for a total of 17 1/2 years, I loved a good thunder boomer/lightning show. Down there storms occur daily during the summer and then an hour later, you wouldn't know it had rained! Though, yes, there was occasional flooding and the treat of hurricanes.
  7. frequentflier

    Tornado Watch

    The Calvert control center called the home phone 4X to say there is a tornado watch, get n the basement. We had lightning, sideways rain and heavy winds for awhile and then just rain. I love a good storm but I had a vibrating dog that despite the calming treat, just could not settle down.
  8. frequentflier

    Pelosi Says Trump Knows He Shouldn't Be President

    And who in their right mind gives two $hits about what that old hag says?
  9. frequentflier

    Pet Adoption

    Saturday 4/13/2019 from 11:30-2:30 at Pepper's Pet Pantry in Solomons. Tiny Toes kitten rescue, Second Hope, Humane Society of Calvert Co and Friends of Felines will be there! We hope you will come and meet your possible new best friend!
  10. frequentflier

    Summer Job

    She seemed very nice and I was impressed that she helped wash the pup. Most people her age that come in are completely glued to their phones texting!
  11. frequentflier

    Summer Job

    Interlude is a great kennel in St Leonard. She should try there. Is this the grand daughter that helped bathe your new grand pup?
  12. frequentflier

    Summer Job

    I have several people on ignore...probably a good thing seeing your reply!
  13. frequentflier

    Summer Job

    Roy Rogers in Solomons might be a good place to try. Unfortunately, she would need a ride, as most jobs would, since there is not much close by.
  14. frequentflier

    Summer Job

    Years ago, I hired a friend's daughter that was 14 or 15. She had to have working papers and the starting wage was much lower than minimum. I don't think they need working papers at 16.
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    Governor's $15 veto overridden

    I try to be as competitive as I can be. But we don't get the breaks the big boys do. People suggest I start a delivery service. All the thefts off of porches over the holidays makes me think this is a big NO, not to mention having a vehicle for deliveries, gas and insurance.
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    Governor's $15 veto overridden

    The current min wage in MD is $10.10. It is still $7 something in VA. My managers work "full time" and there are five hourly employees working between eight and thirty five hours a week. I cannot offer benefits to anyone but I try to pay them as much as I can afford to. And offer discounts and...
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    Happy Birthday NextJen!

    :larry: Hope your day rocked!
  18. frequentflier

    Sometimes I can't believe this is my life...

    withrespect, I have missed your posts and humor. Having decided early on to not have children, I can appreciate your posts and know I made the right choice. J/K please post more often!