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    Mitt Romney on Facebook. Trump answers Mitt. TRUMP: “If Mitt Romney spent the same energy fighting Barack Obama as he does fighting Donald Trump, he...
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    Mitt Romney on Facebook.

    Sorry, I guess I should have made that clear, but now that you know who's take it is what are your feelings on it.
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    Madness...... 3 yo trans?

    I suppose then she believed the child and started treating it like a girl. Simple Hollywood nutjob.
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    Northam Promises to Get Woke - Read 'Roots' and Ta-Nehisi Coates

    Next he will try to close the Confederate Museum in Richmond.
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    Mitt Romney on Facebook.

    Sounds to me like he is ON drugs.
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    Eric Swalwell Afraid of Dana Loesch

    I hate to disagree, but a dick is part of a man and Swallwell doesn't qualify IMO.
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    France's Yellow Vest protesters return to the streets enraged by billions pledged to rebuild Notre Dame

    Doesn't much seem pertinent to their troubles.,but WTH they are French.
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    Lessons on Social Security

    Do they still give you a paper card? My new Medicare card is still paper. Can't the Government afford a machine that puts out plastic cards?
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    Kirsten Gillibrand taps into her inner diva at Iowa gay bar

    WTH is wrong with New York politicians. They all seen to have doo doo for brains.
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    Mitt Romney on Facebook.

    I don't know if I copied this right , but it came off of facebook. The directors here can remove it if it's copyrighted or wrong, but this is the way I got it. Romney claims insufficient evidence which tell me he believes Trump was guilty. The fact are there was no evidence because there was...
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    Mitt Romney on Facebook.

    I have now read the redacted Mueller report and offer my personal reaction: It is good news that there was insufficient evidence to charge the President of the United States with having conspired with a foreign adversary or with having obstructed justice. The alternative would have taken us...
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    Kate Smith, the left's most recent target

    Then somebody else will have to hate her. Not me. It's BS that we take one song she sang in the 30's and try to ruin her for it. But Democrats love the game of Personal destruction.,
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    CNN's April Ryan Demands Sarah Sanders Be Fired, Nearly Breaks Down In Tears

    Sarah is my girl. Don't pay any attention to this TDS crazed woman. She works for CNN a whole network without credibility, that has lied about Trump since day one. And she expects someone to get upset at my girl Sarah? CNN cannot be trusted, nor anyone who works for them. Now Fox has hired a...
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    Kate Smith, the left's most recent target

    Well Kate hasn't got much potential, she is dead. They have to pick apart what she already recorded. When the Moon comes over the Mountain God Bless America I'll be seeing you When you wish upon a star Silver Bells Carolina Moon Great songs and a great singer. I don't know what she ever sung...
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    Eric Holder says--any competent prosecutor could win obstruction case against Trump

    Mr. Fast and Furious who was charged with contempt of Congress, and was AG because he was a pal of Obama and the right flavor, speaks of competence? He should be...
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    Is America turning into a nation of dunces?

    I only hope you are right.
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    Mueller’s report looks bad for Obama....

    Obama was a disaster as President. How man Billions did he send to Iran to buy that sorry-assed Treaty that wasn't worth squat?
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    I'm NOT Gay but I Support and Love BBQ! (and Mike Pence)

    I can't get to the trough People like you are crowding it with your TDS,
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    Liberal Reporter Lays Out Big Media-Pushed Collusion Myths Mueller Report Destroyed

    There was definitely collusion to support a coup.; It came from Democrats and the loser in the last election.
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    Who cares about the Mueller report? We all do, but it will change nothing

    What do you call people who cannot accept the truth.?