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  1. PrchJrkr


    Beat me to it.
  2. PrchJrkr

    Lessons on Social Security

    Yeah BOP, you such such!
  3. PrchJrkr

    WATCH: MSNBC's Brian Williams Challenges Trump's Lawyer On 'No Collusion,' Gets Smacked With Direct Quotes From Mueller Report

    She doesn't care about facts. She loves GURPS and this is her school yard approach to showing her affection. :twitch:
  4. PrchJrkr

    Once again: NO COLLUSION

    He may have the a55wipe on ignore. I do, so didn't see it until you posted this. :yay: Bravo, well played.
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    Charles Co. Detectives Locate and Arrest Robbery Suspect

    Emanuel has a fivehead. Reminds me of Herman Munster.
  6. PrchJrkr

    Is America turning into a nation of dunces?

    That's what I see and she's not on my ignore list. Just sayin'...
  7. PrchJrkr

    Rescreening porch?

    Christ Almighty! Now all we need is MR to pipe up with some snark and we'll have the a55hole trifecta...
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    Notre Dame In Paris On Fire (Huge)

    Yes, they contain 2,600 gallons of water into a giant water balloon which decreases the footprint and increases PSI tremendously... :rolleyes:
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    This Is How We Did It.... (Sung To The Tune Of The Montel Jordan Song)

    My guess is sometime in the 60s. The interior of the vehicle looks remarkably similar to the VW bus.
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    Help with Bad Neighbors ?

    How so, exactly? I could get an MM card for any number of maladies I suffer from. OP doesn't mention anything that that would stop them from being patients.
  11. PrchJrkr

    Help with Bad Neighbors ?

    I'm sorry, I can't give you any advice because I'm always the bad neighbor on the block. :dance:
  12. PrchJrkr

    Sorry, hypocrite Dem crybabies!

    Are you frothing at the mouth? That's the way I picture you while you puke up these little digs. What soiled housecoat are you wearing?
  13. PrchJrkr

    Luantics, right next door. And police are minutes away....

    If not, he certainly smells a lot like him. :barf:
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    Remember Murietta? Dumping unvetted migrants into the cities of political foes was done by Obama first

    I don't understand why trans just HAS to try to "debunk" posts such as this one. It doesn't change a damn thing and quite frankly is getting a bit annoying. I'm glad I live in the "real" world, and not the one created by trans, et al...
  15. PrchJrkr

    Hillary says Assange must answer for what he has done

    She's got the biggest balls of them all! To paraphrase Bon Scott.
  16. PrchJrkr

    Back in the day in St. Mary's

    Yeah, I guess I let out "probably". :lmao:
  17. PrchJrkr

    Australian woman is fatally shot by Minneapolis police; bodycams were off

    They look out for, and cover each others asses. The unwritten code of police conduct. As much respect as I have for officers, I know that if it comes down to me or backing another officer, I'm SOL.
  18. PrchJrkr

    Back in the day in St. Mary's

    They still have the same bed sheets.