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  1. kwillia

    2019 Hummingbird Tread

    I filled up our feeders this past weekend... gonna have to stare at them...:yay:
  2. kwillia

    Processing grief

    If you had made changes to live his life you wouldn't have lived yours. 60 seems so soon to you because you aren't done living. 60 is enough for someone who is in chronic pain and who can no longer live the life he chooses. You gave him lifetime friendship. You never stopped. Cherish that...
  3. kwillia

    When you die ‘you know you’re dead

    Many years back my mom awarded me her medical power of attorney because she knows I'm the most sensible one if the three who would not hesitate to pull the plug should it be needed. A couple years ago she may be a bit concerned over her selection. After getting a knee replacement, she informed...
  4. kwillia

    Those lovable pits.....

    attack you I will!
  5. kwillia

    I just had the best breakfast

    Air fryer baked Tofurkey with Quinoa stuffing... now there is some nomad trailer Thanksgiving fixins…. 😋
  6. kwillia

    Good news for Kwillia!

    Something tells me Larry Gude already owns a pair of these... :barf:
  7. kwillia

    Southern Maryland Drivers, making crap up

    Using it to merge into traffic is one thing. However, the sign on the post directly above the intersection specifically states "Turn Only" which means they are not to go straight through the intersection.
  8. kwillia

    Southern Maryland Drivers, making crap up

    I wish an automated arrow gun would shoot out the tires of any vehicle who races up the right-side "turn only" lane next to Harris Teeters only to illegally head straight though the light to cut off the line of folks going straight at that light legally.
  9. kwillia

    Mad Max

    It's a man's world.
  10. kwillia

    Dear GWguy

    Their Facebook post said it takes 2 full days for a batch of dough to be ready. That is why they are rolling out with a light menu... until they can get the process down and keep up with demand.
  11. kwillia

    Free coffee at Wawa on Thursday, April 11th

    I'm pretty sure you would have to hit the register. The free cup is to draw you in. Most folks will pick up other stuff too especially since you have to stand in line regardless.
  12. kwillia

    Greetings from Las Cruces, NM!

    Watch out for falling kidney stones! :yikes:
  13. kwillia

    A Day in the Life of WR #4762784

    Look at the bright side... your condensed car will be easier to parallel park... :huggy:
  14. kwillia

    Listen closely... you can hear "Time to make the donuts." The picture shows a halo of dust and gas, tracing the outline of a colossal black hole, at the heart of the Messier 87 galaxy, 55 million light years from Earth. The black hole...
  15. kwillia

    Governor's $15 veto overridden

    What sucks is once the online businesses chase away the stores they will have us by the wallet and all the incentives we currently get from choosing online shopping will go away and we will have no way of going back to hands-on shopping. The writing is already on the wall with Amazon. Their...
  16. kwillia

    Governor's $15 veto overridden

    Yep. Let's say you were paying a cashier $8 an hour for a 40 hour week... factoring in the employee's contribution to SS and Medicare you are looking at $344 a week. $15 an hour for a 40 your week... factoring in the employee's contribution for SS and Medicare you are looking at $646 a week...
  17. kwillia

    Those pesky 3 year olds...

    An NMCI tech in the making! :jet:
  18. kwillia

    Cory Booker Introduces Slavery Reparations Bill To Senate

    Completely serious question... Thousands upon thousands of fair skinned Americans died or were maimed fighting for the freedom of all Americans... do their families get waivers?
  19. kwillia

    We have more damn snacks in this country

    I'm pretty sure they will be heading there for a visit once the AOC bridges across the oceans are complete.