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  1. StadEMS3

    This Is the Worst Place to Commute from in the United States

    Going on 10yrs from Mechanicsville to DC. Due to my position and the possibility to COOP, I have to drive in. I drive all the back roads for some sanity. Although I think 235 is the craziest part of it, people be driving +80mph at 5am just to end up at a red light, lol.
  2. StadEMS3

    New "Air Force One" Updates

    The current 747's have been in service since 1990, over the years they do get systems upgrades, such as a huge one after 9/11, but the bones are old, 30yrs old. There are "other" newer jets from your time period but they do not meet the requirements that the 747 has.
  3. StadEMS3

    New "Air Force One" Updates

    We've gotten parts off them and museum jets for the VIP fleet.
  4. StadEMS3

    New "Air Force One" Updates

    I'm sure it will run over budget as with any government contracts. The AF and WH will change its mind a ton of times on specs driving up engineering/testing/certification costs. Then they are also going to need all the support equipment/spare parts (both off the self and specialized) on hand as...
  5. StadEMS3

    Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf

    Dealers are slimy rip off artists. I negotiated a price for a 2018 Hyundai online and said that if this the no Bull $h!t "Sheehy Price" price I will be in to buy the car that night. Oh they assured me that's the price. I get there and they try to tack on 3g's, then won't honor any discounts if...
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    What If?

    What if he didn't find his thrills on blueberry hill?
  7. StadEMS3

    What If?

    What if Mary Lou liked spiders and snakes?
  8. StadEMS3

    What If?

    What if video didn't kill the radio star?
  9. StadEMS3

    Mixing liquid cat meds

    Vet said I can combine Amoxi-drops and Metronidaz. Better than nothing ;)
  10. StadEMS3

    Mixing liquid cat meds

    Will do, thx!
  11. StadEMS3

    Mixing liquid cat meds

    Mixing liquid cat medications My 14yr old cat is back from a vet stay and is on 3 liquid meds- can I just draw the dosages and put them into one syringe for a one time shot vs holding him down for 3 separate doses? Amoxi-drops .5ml (1x 12hrs) Ursodiol- .3ml (1x 12hrs) Metronidaz- .5ml (1x...
  12. StadEMS3

    Parents and kids today

    They treat her like a mom, no attitudes or disrespect. I guess I'm not into the new age parent/children relationship thing. If I even thought about calling my mom Gail at that age, my father would of beat us silly. Oh well... :)
  13. StadEMS3

    Parents and kids today

    I have friends from out of state visiting with kids. The mother works at a high school where her 2 daughters also attend (ages 15 & 17). The daughters address the mother by her first name in the school environment; I guess to avoid problems with other kids? Yesterday the 3 were baking in my...
  14. StadEMS3

    A Present for a 13 year old boy for Christmas

    For my tween nephews and is king! Little kids get learning toys. After 18 they get nothing, get a job, be an adult, lol.
  15. StadEMS3

    Air Force One headed to National Harbor

    The interiors of the current AF1's jets are dated for sure, remember they are Air Force assets so lot of tans/blues and muted colors inside, heck they finally updated from tube TV's to plasma around 2007/8. The pics posted of the interior of one coming into the harbor is similar to the real...
  16. StadEMS3

    How many states have you visited?

    Been to all of them:patriot:
  17. StadEMS3

    How many countries have you visited?

    Flying with AF1 for 10yrs had it's perks ;) I'm sure I missed a couple too. Abu Dhabi Afghanistan All 50 states Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada China Columbia Cuba Egypt Estonia France Germany Greenland (Born there) Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Japan Jordan...
  18. StadEMS3

    Indoor Temperature

    My 2 story rental house has 1 HVAC system. At the air handler there are balancing dampers in the 2 main duct trunks to redirect the air during winter/summer. In the summer you turn the damper handle to push more cool air upstairs, in the winter you turn the damper handle to push more warm air...