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    U.S. Capitol on Lockdown Due to 'External Security Threat', Reports of Gunfire

    My daughter is visiting DC today, might be a long ride home.
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    Oh great...thanks post office

    I received a Christmas gift bought for my for ex in the mail recently :oops: I hope it melts nicely in the bonfire 🔥
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    Down w/the sickness

    I read this as "dick sickness", lol. Guess I'm wishing the ex my best...
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    The Boss Busted

    Holy chit, I'm old.
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    The Boss Busted

    Is the the same commercial that people got their panties in a wad because Jeep "forgot" the UP of Michigan????
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    Two things I want to get out of my system:

    We did the pavilion and kegger for our 25th reunion. Same people showed up, just like they did in HS. Yes, we were all much older & fatter, but it was fun! Most of us still do keep in touch, so it was a win-win.
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    The Boss Busted

    Guess he's not friends with Rick Fritz...
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    My goodness, Dahlgren!!!

    I'm just in this excursion for sea glass, not bombs. Oh geez.....
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    My goodness, Dahlgren!!!

    The park way out past the farm?????? WHAT???????
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    My goodness, Dahlgren!!!

    Newtowne Park or something? Time to restock my sea glass collection.
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    My goodness, Dahlgren!!!

    Wow, Dahlgren has been shaking my home all day today. Sounds like a thunder storm! My poor pets are still in hiding. I wonder if it's safe to head to the beach on the Potomac tomorrow???
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    Grow a Pair! First Victim of the Tattletale Hotline?

    I'm just baffled by the fact that the HD is harassing you, but yet the organization up the road is a free for all on Sundays. Amazing.
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    Well, if Bernie woke you during hibernation, you'd be p*ssed too.
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    It really is becoming obvious

    Perhaps Otis knows something that we don't?????
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    I Make Diddly-Squat

    Guess I was in such a state of frenzy that I was just worried about depleting my savings while waiting for unemployment to kick in. Maybe I didn't read the small print, maybe I just didn't give a rats azz. All I know now is that I owe, I owe....and I'm pizzed. I'd like to blame someone else...
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    I Make Diddly-Squat

    Thanks, MD Unemployment, effing "stimulus" checks, Larry Hogan and life in general. As a blue collared worker that has contributed to keep the MD economy afloat, I now owe approximately $750.00 between State and Federal Taxes!! Wow, let's just stick it to the poor, working people. Can't get...
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    After a good rain, as kids we'd take the flashlights out to the yard and collect nightcrawlers, then sell them for candy $$$$$ !!!!!!
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    Official Milk, Bread and TP Thread

    Nope, wasn't aware of this option! Thanks for the heads up!!!!