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    Down w/the sickness

    I read this as "dick sickness", lol. Guess I'm wishing the ex my best...
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    My goodness, Dahlgren!!!

    Wow, Dahlgren has been shaking my home all day today. Sounds like a thunder storm! My poor pets are still in hiding. I wonder if it's safe to head to the beach on the Potomac tomorrow???
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    I Make Diddly-Squat

    Thanks, MD Unemployment, effing "stimulus" checks, Larry Hogan and life in general. As a blue collared worker that has contributed to keep the MD economy afloat, I now owe approximately $750.00 between State and Federal Taxes!! Wow, let's just stick it to the poor, working people. Can't get...
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    My Aching Feet!!!

    So, went on the Vans website to order the new skate shoes featuring/supporting the Foo Fighters.. I've been wearing Vans since HS and the Foos are one of my favorite bands, and no, I'm hardly a bandwagon jumper. Been with these guys since the inception. Shoes went on sale @ midnight, but by...
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    Abell's Wharf

    Curious about the abandoned Vulcan plant located nearby. Seems as if the plant was functioning one day, then work ceased the next day, mid stream. So many questions (and not much luck researching)- Why is there active power still running on this site? Boats picked up materials from the wharf and...
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    Tornado Watch

    A tornado watch has recently been issued for SOMD. Currently raining buckets here in N. Hollywood, with a slight mix of occasional hail. Yikes.
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    Dear crazy driver...

    Whom nearly took out the front panel of my vehicle after your Big Mac fix. Waving his phone at me, as if blasting my horn to get their attention was unacceptable. I waved too, you know, the "salute". Must have dialed 911 in their moment of lunacy, St. Mary's finest followed me until I pulled...
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    Sonic Boom??

    Entire home just shook, anyone else??? Mechanicsville.
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    HELP with laptop issues

    New laptop will not keep correct time or date. I've set & reset numerous times and still...defaults to the time of my last ended session. I've synced, un-synced, googled-to no avail. It's frustrating. I've read that it could be a battery on or near the motherboard. Guess my question is, is this...
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    So I was shopping today

    Online shopping, looking for boots for the offspring. Found a nice pair, proceeded to do my homework before placing the order. Description stated, "vegan leather". What happened to "man-made materials" ???? WTH is "vegan leather" ??
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    Shooting at Weis?

    From a friends FB post..... "So hearing word there was a shooting at Weis in St Mary's Square and a guy with a gun is on the loose. There is a chopper circling near my house. Anyone know or heard anything?"