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  1. jlabsher

    Good movie theater

    Wife & kids want to see Harry Potter movie. I want to go to a decent theater. Any suggestions on where to go? Annapolis, Bowie, Prince Frederick, the Dorf? The theater in the park isn't really worth going to so I don't mind travelling a little to see it in a decent setting.
  2. jlabsher

    Metrocast Internet

    Anyone have them? A couple of months ago I ditched VZ DSL for Metrocast, the first month was fine, now I have problems with the service dropping in and out. Happens every day, I have to reboot the router and modem to get it working again. Had to do it several times today beginning around 4:00...
  3. jlabsher

    Oops, Bush team caught photoshopping

    Amazing, the ad is called "Whatever it Takes" Lying apparently is whatever it takes.
  4. jlabsher

    Fly to Mars in less than 90 days!

    It is possible using plasma sail technology
  5. jlabsher

    Why I hate the World Series on Fox

    1. Tim McCarver 2. Eastern Time Zone Other than that it is great. :coffee: :yay:
  6. jlabsher

    George Tenet says Iraq war was wrong

    :patriot: Amazing it hasn't been picked up by the "liberal" press! Also here
  7. jlabsher

    Republican funded firm shreds democratic voter registrations

    In Las Vegas, isn't that illegal? I guess they must be scared of losing?
  8. jlabsher

    Cleaning crew crash jet

    Don't know if the story is real, but the pix are. CLICK
  9. jlabsher


    And you thought SOMD was bad?Check out these pics!
  10. jlabsher

    New Jib-Jab

    Yes, those folks are at it again, view it HERE (SFW)
  11. jlabsher

    Bush & Cheney Concede Saddam had no WMDs

    Now they're saying we went to Iraq because of UN issues My question would be: Is this considered a flip or a flop? :confused:
  12. jlabsher

    How is today's republican party different than before?

    Written by John Eisenhower, son of Ike (P.S. He will be voting for Kerry)
  13. jlabsher

    Panda Dog

    Looks like some type of chow mix. A real cute furball
  14. jlabsher

    A man goes into a sex shop...

    A man goes into a sex shop to buy a sex doll. The salesman asks "Normal or Muslim". "What's the difference?" the man asks. "The Muslim doll blows itself up" answers the salesman.
  15. jlabsher

    Cat Stevens denied entry into U.S.

    I feel so much safer now.
  16. jlabsher

    It's a message from GOD!

    He will smite the Bush supporters!
  17. jlabsher

    Watch for flying houses until 8:00 PM!

    Areal Outline For Tornado Watch Number 833 National Weather Service Baltimore Md/washington Dc 115 Pm Edt Fri Sep 17 2004 The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center Has Issued Tornado Watch Number 833 Valid Until 800 Pm Edt For The Following Areas...
  18. jlabsher

    Mom of the year nominee

    Cooking food while drunk causes apt to burn, firemen wake her passed out butt up while putting out fire & rescuing kids.
  19. jlabsher

    You want polls, we've got 'em
  20. jlabsher

    Another Presidential Malapropism

    Too many OB-GYNs aren't able to practice their love with women all across this country