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    really matters, anyone can see
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    Covid-19 vaccine poll

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    Impeachment Trial Day One Recap

    Actually, the articles of impeachment were not transmitted to the Senate until January 25th. After Trump left office. It was Nancy Pelosi who sat on them thus not allowing the Senate to take them up till after the inauguration. So any delay in the senate is the fault of Schumer.
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    Have you tried putting a one or two inch block under the head of your bed? this allows you to sleep at a slight head up angle, which will require the acid to fight an uphill battle to get out.
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    Why Don’t People Return Their Shopping Carts?

    The shopping cart is the ultimate litmus test for whether a person is capable of self-governing. To return the shopping cart is an easy, convenient task and one which we all recognize as the correct, appropriate thing to do. To return the shopping cart is objectively right. There are no...
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    Oregon elections director fired after reporting problems

    it is when support is no longer provided by the manufacturer, ending all security updates.
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    Joe Biden Coronavirus Adviser: Vaccine Should Be Distributed Globally, Not to America First

    Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel - good choice for Biden's Corona task force. Since the elderly are most susceptible to the disease, why not add a Doctor who believes we should only live to 75. Time to watch Logan's Run - lol...
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    Report: Pennsylvania Union Bosses Struggling to Convince Members to Vote Against Donald Trump

    I don't really understand why unions want to stay with the democratic party anymore? The democrats want universal healthcare, run by the government. Health insurance was a union negotiated benefit - won't need a union for that anymore. The democrats want everyone to have paid time off. A...
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    AG Barr seemingly unaware you can't vote twice

    Did you know that some states allow you to send in an absentee ballot and then still go to your polling place and vote in person? I didn't know that till today - learned it on WUSA9 news this morning. Not sure what states allow it, but some do. (others states say it is a crime to vote like...
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    Schools - yet?

    St. Mary's County Public School Technology Surveys: The school system is requesting all families to complete a technology survey, so the county can determine the schools systems needs and capabilities.
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    Minnesota couple banned from Walmart

    what does yelling fire have to do with Walmart refusing to conduct business with someone over the design of clothing?
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    Minnesota couple banned from Walmart a business can refuse service? … to anyone??
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    What went wrong?

    It's all Sam's fault -
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    Just because (I'm in a boring teleconference), I tried "058 new cases" in google search. Came back with over 18,000,000 results. All on the first page had 058 new cases somewhere in either the title or description.
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    House Passes DC Statehood Bill On A Party Line Vote

    The simple answer - kick everyone out of the city. the only residents of DC should be those who are duly elected by their jurisdictional electorate. Anybody else who wants to work there, should live in a real state. Keep all the federal buildings needed to keep our government working...
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    Completion of the school year

    SMCPS letter posted yesterday after Gov Hogan announced Maryland schools to remain closed till April 24th. called March 25 2020 letter. Synopsis - next week teachers learn how to work online after that, some laptops available if needed -...
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    Anyone else notice this?

    Some analysis of the raw numbers the John Hopkins site is reporting:
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    The GOP's coronavirus relief package is a dream for big corporations and a nightmare for struggling Americans

    From your opinion piece, this paragraph makes no sense... If you make less than $75,000 you will get $1,200. If you pay less in taxes, you probably make less than $75,000 - which means you will get the $1,200.
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    I'm comin' home, I've done my time...

    Because it is based on a story of a Union Soldier returning home from Andersonville?
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    Senate passes coronavirus relief plan to expand paid leave, sends it to Trump

    Actually it passed the House Saturday morning, but had to be brought back to the House floor Monday evening for administrative corrections. So the Senate took maybe a day and a half. But hey, no use splitting hairs over it, right? You will use your "truth" and others will use theirs...