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  1. wittykitty

    Cell phone providers

    I switched from VZW to StraightTalk in 2016, and I have had zero complaints. In fact, I have raved about the positive experience it has been until recently. I’ll spare everyone the boring details, but I am having an issue and I simply can’t get it resolved after trying for more than a month...
  2. wittykitty

    SUP and kayaking

    I’m considering purchasing an inflatable SUP and wondering if anyone here has experience with extended activities on a paddle board, such as yoga and fishing. I plan to only use this in quiet creeks, not the river or bay. @vraiblonde , I believe you previously mentioned you have an inflatable...
  3. wittykitty


    I need some help finding breakfast tacos please! I’m not much on Cracker Barrel, though. Are the Mexican restaurants open early enough for breakfast? Does Abell’s Diner serve them?
  4. wittykitty

    Boat mechanic

    Any recommendations for a reasonable mechanic who can work on an outboard motor for me?
  5. wittykitty

    LifeBoard for yoga

    I’m considering one, but damn they’re expensive. Anyone here know if it’s worth the splurge? I simply cannot do yoga on carpet anymore! It’s killing my wrist!
  6. wittykitty

    Neighbor noise troubles

    I live in a townhouse, which I purchased about a year ago. The neighbor on the opposite wall is a problem because she plays music really loud at night and wakes me up, so loud that it took her 10 minutes to answer the door when the police knocked. Yes, I called the police. She didn’t answer when...
  7. wittykitty

    Window shopping

    I need windows. My house was built in the early 90s and the windows are junk. They’re not even sealed to the pane anymore so I have them taped to prevent air flow, and it’s not pretty at all. In my dining room, the curtain moves when the wind blows on a super windy day. I prefer to support a...
  8. wittykitty


    I'm considering a spray-in bed liner for my truck, and looking for recommendations about what local company to use (in St. Mary's). Are there different types/materials, what opinion do you have about the materials? I've seen one that's slightly cloth-like and fuzzy, and that's a definite...
  9. wittykitty


    I need birthday party ideas for kids! There aren't many recreational places around here, as far as I know, so I'm slightly lost. Ideas?
  10. wittykitty

    Shutterfly blanket

    I’m considering having a custom blanket made by Shutterfly. To be specific, it’s a sherpa blanket with a few pictures on the “front”. It’s pretty expensive, in my opinion, and I’m not exactly loaded with money to waste on doing this twice. I’m concerned about the image being a terrible quality...
  11. wittykitty


    Ok, forumites, this time I came here to gripe, and ask for help. Lately I’m encountering seriously bright headlights, which I struggle with. I’m guessing they’re LED, right? They’re probably really nice for the driver, but damn they’re blinding! Not to mention, it does hurt my eyes after being...
  12. wittykitty

    looking for tub/shower replacement contractor

    Hi, ya'll! I need to replace the tub/shower surround in my bathroom and I'm looking for trusted professionals. Any recommendations? What was your experience? I'm expecting to replace it with another fiberglass surround. I'm open to the idea of a walk-in tile shower, but my first home had a...
  13. wittykitty

    Cedar Point Federal Credit Union login page

    Has anyone had experience with the CPFCU login page changing? When I tried to access my account online today, I see that they changed the login process to require the User ID, Account number and Social Security Number. I'm pretty displeased with the need to use my SSN during login, especially...
  14. wittykitty

    Canning tomatoes

    I’m searching for canning tomatoes, and I need about a half bushel, possibly more. My Mennonite friend, whom I usually get them from, says it was a terrible tomato season for her and she doesn’t have any this year. Does anyone know where I can get them? I work a lot, and really don’t have time...
  15. wittykitty

    HVAC tech

    I am trying to find out what HVAC company Robbie Q. (formerly of TN Bowes) now works for. Does anyone know? In the past, we have had bad luck with this in general. Other technicians have cost us thousands of dollars, in what we perceive as intentional damage or sabotage of our equipment...
  16. wittykitty

    Contact lens troubles

    I quit wearing contacts several years ago because they were causing me such pain within 30 minutes of inserting them, and I switched back to wearing glasses. I've decided that Lasik surgery is not a good choice for me because increased sensitivity to light is a side effect which may not go...
  17. wittykitty

    Great Mills Road bicycle traffic

    Has anyone else encountered a bicyclist on Great Mills Road around 520pm? He rides on the highway and against oncoming traffic. He smiles a crazy grin and dodges cars like a game of Frogger. My vehicle is much too big to share a lane with him. He's eventually going to get hit and cause...
  18. wittykitty

    Where to find corned ham?

    Does anyone know where to find a 10 lb corned ham, other than McKays? I do not want to purchase from McKays because they gave me green meat last year.
  19. wittykitty

    Bunny Munny

    Does anybody remember the Easter candy, Bunny Munny? I'm hoping to find some! Anybody seen it around?
  20. wittykitty

    Franken Berry

    Does anybody know if Franken Berry cereal still comes out around this time of year? I suddenly have a real bad hankering for it after seeing it on a game show last night. I miss Strawberry Shortcake cereal I had when I was a kid. Does anyone remember that?