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  1. jlabsher

    Japanese Pride should be at an all time high...

    Lived in Japan around 5 years, some of that in Misawa where I experienced an 8.3 earthquake, no tsunami though. When I was stationed in Yokosuka I lost my wallet with a few hundred dollars in Shinjuku train station in Tokyo, (the busiest train station in the world - over 1 million people go...
  2. jlabsher

    Chinese moms are best...

    Chinese moms make the best MIRFs
  3. jlabsher

    Need a plummer

    My relief valve started leaking about a month ago (been noticing higher water pressure in the house too), anyway...$12 for a new one at Lowes, 15 minutes to put it on. If you can unscrew a light bulb you can fix it yourself.
  4. jlabsher

    Good movie theater

    Wife & kids want to see Harry Potter movie. I want to go to a decent theater. Any suggestions on where to go? Annapolis, Bowie, Prince Frederick, the Dorf? The theater in the park isn't really worth going to so I don't mind travelling a little to see it in a decent setting.
  5. jlabsher

    Richmond II

    Co-sponsoring both races in Richmond this weekend is the VA's Post-9/11 GI Bill The newest NASCAR sponsor: the GI Bill - Army News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Army Times The car & driver will be appearing at VA HQ in downtown DC (810 Vermont Ave NW) tomorrow around 10 - 12. Stop by...
  6. jlabsher

    Metrocast Internet

    Anyone have them? A couple of months ago I ditched VZ DSL for Metrocast, the first month was fine, now I have problems with the service dropping in and out. Happens every day, I have to reboot the router and modem to get it working again. Had to do it several times today beginning around 4:00...
  7. jlabsher

    We are losing the war on terror

    I read a book in the 80's told from a muslim point of view. It was about the rift between muslim/christian (western) nations. In it, the narrator (a muslim) bemoaned the fact that western men allowed their women to dress like whores and thereby stir lust in the men which leads to general...
  8. jlabsher

    Social Security - history

    But what about companies who have a 401K that only invests in company stock, or stock-options as retirement? Don't get me wrong I love my TSP, in fact I just put everything into the G fund until after the election is over (just in case the market "hiccups"). I think that letting people...
  9. jlabsher

    Oops, Bush team caught photoshopping

    Amazing, the ad is called "Whatever it Takes" Lying apparently is whatever it takes.
  10. jlabsher

    Fly to Mars in less than 90 days!

    It is possible using plasma sail technology
  11. jlabsher

    Weapons Were Already Gone...

    Perhaps you didn't see the video taken by US troops of the weapons? I'll admit, I'm not even following this story and could care less if some troops...
  12. jlabsher

    Social Security - history

    I don't see why you hate SS. Let's look at the numbers. Say I earn $2M lifetime, now SS is around 6.5% (it used to be less but we'll keep the calculations simple). OK 6.5% of $2M is $130K. SS will pay me $15K a year starting @ age 62. So, in less than 9 years I will have made back...
  13. jlabsher

    Social Security - history

    Wow, the Dems did all that, well they get my vote then!
  14. jlabsher

    Terror attack election eve countdown...

    I feel the love :love:
  15. jlabsher

    John Kerry Timeline

    OK, when the left was bringing up an unnamed person's national guard record that was decried as spinning hate-mongering, n'est pas? I need to try harder at being a condescending liberal, I suppose.
  16. jlabsher

    One finger victory salute!

    Ring, Ring, hello? I was just using something called sarcasm. But really, making fun of Republicans used to be so much fun. Now it is like making fun of the kids on the short bus, just not fun when they can't help it.
  17. jlabsher

    Bush/Cheney 04

    Well, haven't been to Latin America since Grenada, but Asia, Europe & even parts of Africa & mideast were friendly as recently as 2000. But last year when in Asia I saw more shirts & bumper stickers with anti US stuff, like pix of Osama. I NEVER remember seeing anything like that before...
  18. jlabsher

    One finger victory salute!

    OK, if he eats his boogers he is even more human? If he farts then fans it around the room, he is an average working Joe. He is about as average a working Joe as Richard Simmons is a poon hound.
  19. jlabsher

    And the hits just keep on comin'...

    Sea Lawyer is an expression I didn't expect you to understand. Yeah, the UN really is important to this administration, that is why Colin Powell gave such a truthful speech that didn't have any fabrications in it. Of course when Israel violates UN resolutions we get right on it and invade...
  20. jlabsher

    One finger victory salute!

    What a classy guy!