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    Rock And ROOOLLLLLLL!!!!

    Just passed through PF ...... or is at least dying off. Lasted about 20-30 minutes. Lots of lightning and thunder. Started with a lot wind. Some good rain out of it. Hoping for more later. I could hear the front yard slurping it up.
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    Power Outages

    In PF as well. Wife and I said the same thing. I felt like it legit stormed from 10pm through 630am. I was woken up several times throughout the night and it was still going strong. Don’t ever remember seeing something like that for such a duration.
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    Follow up thread on date in St Mary’s

    What happened to the good old days when you snail mailed a Polaroid of your junk? Nobody else?
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    Follow up thread on date in St Mary’s

    Signed back in just to say I like this guy. But in referencing the earlier thread ...... not in THAT way (happily married heterosexual man). But this far, I’ve enjoyed the post and the bullshitery that he brings. Carry on.
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    Completion of the school year

    It's laughable that some people believe teachers aren't working. In fact, many of the teachers are frantically trying to figure out how to overhaul lesson plans to allow for an online format. Even better, most are handcuffed on what they can do waiting some higher up administration to covey...
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    MD Governor Closes Bars Restaurants Movie Theaters and Gyms

    Great quote (OK movie) and very appropriate.
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    MD Governor Closes Bars Restaurants Movie Theaters and Gyms

    I don't think the shutdowns are done. I think they're just peeling back the onion layers bit by bit. Make a change, let the reaction happen and then make another change. I am pretty sure it's not done and I am fine with it. The politicization of this is laughable. I've always been on the...
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    Super Secret Forum Lunch..

    Get the “G-Man” sub if I’ve got the right place. Been a few years.
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    Dammit. That’s what I meant. Long day. Mind fried. Counting down to first pitch.
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    Rereading it, makes sense since it’s not an Italian joint. Mama Stella’s?
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    I’d bet it’s close to a 90 commute into Suitland. Depending on when exactly he goes will plus or minus it 20 minutes.
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    Recommendations for sheds and site prep - Prince Frederick

    There is a place just north of Adam's Ribs (on the NB side) called Marco's that build / sells new and refurbished sheds. I bought a used one from him that they overhauled and had on site and got it for a steal. They will even paint the shed to match your house colors (if HOA required). He...
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    PF was a CF Friday Morning

    Can you show me on this doll where the police have hurt you? It's obvious there is some history there ..........
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    PF was a CF Friday Morning

    Most likely that is correct. More so, they're probably work hour restricted between rush hours with several of those hours occupied by MOT implementation, equipment staging and other night time inefficiencies -both setup and removal. Night work sucks all around.
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    another GREAT lunch!!!

    I assume you've all tried their breakfast? IMO, that is their bread and butter. Excellent portions. Everything cooked great. Certainly more expensive than a Bob Evans and such, but the quality and the ambience certainly offset that.
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    Saint Mary's Landing

    Packed house at about 4PM yesterday when I drove through. Must have been a quick "remodeling" project.
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    PF was a CF Friday Morning

    It's more than one company. The group doing the paving struggles whereas I think the company (Total) doing the PF reconstruction has been doing a pretty spot on job. They have had some lapses (odd spots) but for the overwhelming majority of the time, their work has been on point IMO. Also, do...
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    Amazon Prime Late Deliveries

    Amazon is the go to. And I have noticed a lot of Prime deals aren't guaranteed to your door in two days (which differs from what I feel is Amazon's intent in terms of public perception). And where it has tripped me up before, I now pay particular attention to the estimated delivery dates when...
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    Please vote for Sherman !

    And I may have done it a few times by accident (good thing here I guess) because I never saw a vote # like everyone was posting. Took me a few tries to realize that total vote count was increasing. Sorry, long day.