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  1. GWguy

    DNR Native Animal Profile: Baltimore Oriole

    I always found this interesting: The MD state bird is the Oriole. The NY state bird is the Bluebird. When I lived in NY, I never saw a bluebird, but we had lots of Orioles. Here in MD, I have tons of Bluebirds, but have yet to see an Oriole.
  2. GWguy

    Get Woke Go Broke - Vegan Restaurant Edition

    Were they that naive to think a policy like that would work? Apparently, yes.
  3. GWguy


    And hope to die? A thread 10 years old and not one :worthless: . We're slip-ing.
  4. GWguy

    Traffic Rant Gonna get them cell phone drivers!!!

    "It's got Electrolytes!"
  5. GWguy

    Traffic Rant Gonna get them cell phone drivers!!!

    I never said jam. Just that's there is tech to prevent cell phone use. As far as isolating the driver, you really need to Google before you say things. BlueTooth is being used widely. As a rule, only the driver is bluetooth'd into the car and can be isolated. There is also tech that simply...
  6. GWguy

    Traffic Rant Gonna get them cell phone drivers!!!

    I can hold a pretty normal conversation with handsfree, but there is absolutely a distraction factor no matter what anyone says. The autonomic diving skills (after 50 years of driving) kick in and and you can "drive" and react, but the ability to focus is diminished. I've proven it by...
  7. GWguy

    Social Security

    Ok, better safe than sorry. Do me a flavor, since the new tube is thicker, can you campher/fillet the edge towards the trailer so there's no sharp edge to snag?
  8. GWguy

    Social Security

    I'd be happy with that....
  9. GWguy

    Traffic Rant Gonna get them cell phone drivers!!!

    I'm thinking it has already been done.
  10. GWguy

    Social Security

    So far it's just been application forms from AARP, Prudential, CareFirst, etc.... all trying to get my $$ for an Advantage plan. My fear is that my packet that was supposedly sent out a few months ago, that I never got, was intercepted and being used inappropriately. I'd like to believe and...
  11. GWguy

    Upcoming events

    Looks like they changed from http:// to https://, but the info is stale, from last year.
  12. GWguy

    Loss Of An Historic Aircraft

    Long before computerized fly-by-wire, very easy to lose stability.
  13. GWguy

    Military ID Card

    :eyebrow: Seems like an ..... um.... odd place for anything like that.
  14. GWguy

    GPS Monitored vehicles...

    Thinking.... Thinking.... Thinking.... Thinking.... Nah.
  15. GWguy

    Traffic Rant Friken plates/bowls and forks? REALLY?

    Yeah, dumb idea. SO much easier with a spork.
  16. GWguy

    MetCom Reminds Homeowners of Improved Fire Protection Rating in Lexington Park Area

    :yay: Just sent off a note to my insurer.
  17. GWguy

    About those "green" electric cars....

    Nuttin us informed folks didn't already know.
  18. GWguy

    Social Security

    So, I'm coming up on m 65th bday, time to sign up for Medicare. Just went thru something with SS, may or may not apply to you. I tried to create an SS login on their website so I could apply for Medicare. Got my logon, but when I tried to create my Medicare account, it barfed, said the info...
  19. GWguy

    Michelle who ?

    AND..... she's getting a divorce from her husband of 1 year with whom she had a child.
  20. GWguy

    Upcoming events

    I look forward to the MAFF show.