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    Rapid-onset gender dysphoria

    I can only hope that when you grow up, you'll realize that being a freak, wasn't as cool as you thought.
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    Local Plenty of Fish Date gets a Happy Ending

    Bro Code or not , you should rat that scum out. Who knows what kind of diseases he's bringing home to his wife.
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    Neil Young Loses Home, Blames President

    Well I hope Neil Young will remember, a better state don't need him around anyhow
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    Medical problems

    Yeah. It's called Cellphoneitis. A real killer.
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    Doctors are pushers. Try this:(Well, google it yourself, i can't figure out how to post it) Dr Carol Foster, Half somersault maneuver. ... I also heard once that roller coaster rides work.
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    Would she? Maybe, maybe not. I doubt any of us here know anything about the situation, other than short news clip we have just read. There are some truly screwed up muthas out there, who are not "teaching their children well", and the fathers, however angelic they may be, can't do jack about it...
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    Female Officer Run Over By Teen

    I was wondering if there were any body, or dash cam footage to show what really happened. Seems the lawyer doesn't want them shown, "To preserve the jury pool", he said. Hmm... That's seems a bit suspicious.
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    Pennsylvania school wants to arm students with rocks

    Laugh if you want, but I think it's a good option. Would you walk through a door, gun in hand or not, knowing at least half of those rocks will find their mark?
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    CFPB Falsified Documents to Fine Payday Lender

    WTF? Payday lenders aren't necessarily racist. They will screw anybody they can!...I didn't read the story, but it may just be a roundabout way to put them out of business, since congress wont do it.
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    Sure.....THIS Works

    Wow! Thanks,Dee, I'm ordering the bulk pack right now! ...It's magic :)
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    somd weather

    I used to rely on the US satellite image loops to plan my day, but that doesn't work anymore.
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    Radiant Barriers

    No expert here, but I would think that a radiant barrier under the rafters would help, as long as there were good airflow between the eave and peak vents. Attic area should still be vented. An exhaust fan works, but you must power it, and in a poorly vented attic, with a leaky furnace and...
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    looking for a mechanic

    Try Aumans Automotive in Mechanicsville. Good troubleshooters. 301-472-4045
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    Epa seeks to prohibit conversion of vehicles into racecars

    Hmmm, so, what am I missing here? The way I read it. it applies to virtually all vehicles.
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    Who do we like for well service?

    Johnsons Well Service.
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    Verus Pet Food & local fishermen

    It's great that local commercial fisherman will have more work with a new species to catch. Or is it? It's not likely to reduce fishing pressure on any other species, they're likely to just add more crews and equipment to get the job done, and keep their existing equipment going on what they...
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    Just a minute there Buddy. Aren't those with the knowledge obliged to share it? Unless you're going somewhere you can do more good, you, and God, are needed here.
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    Three Notch trail

    Wouldn't you rather dodge a little pile of poop, than dodge the buggy on the highway? They need to get around town too. Cut em a little slack, please.