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    Angel's Glow

    Interesting. Thanks.
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    FBI And IRS Raid Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh's Home And Offices At City Hall

    Baltimore, or East Chicago as I call it. The parallels are amazing. Crime, corruption, gun control and democrats.
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    Riding Mower Advice With $1500 Budget

    I just bought a Cub Cadet 42 inch at HD for $1642.00 tax included. I did get the 10% military cut so what had been $1699.00 plus tax became the $1642.00. It replaced an old Craftsman. I am amazed at the difference. The CC turns in 1/3 the radius of the old one and the seat is much more...
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    No I haven't and thank divine deities for that daily even though I am agnostic! (JK)
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    But nobody needs a high capacity vibrator!
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    Kamala Harris will give Congress 100 days to act on gun control before taking executive action if president

    I am reminded of the childhood joke about dictate. In her case with her ex-BF Willie she does know how his dictate.
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    Kamala Harris will give Congress 100 days to act on gun control before taking executive action if president

    Big talk for someone who has no chance of getting the nomination unless the DNC pulls a Sanders on her opponents.
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    He needs to move to Dallas when he gets out but needs to be sure he doesn't take more than $750.00 worth of merchandise.
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    Impeachment - think they'll really try?

    The ones pushing for this are mostly way left of the dem leadership. I hope they do try to impeach because I believe it will benefit Trump by getting the dems split. I don't think they will though because the far left TDS dems may not have as much support as they think they do when push comes...
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    Loss Of An Historic Aircraft

    Sad to lose another rare one (and the pilot) but we may see flying wings make a rebound if Horten has their way. After three years of development, German aircraft manufacturer Horten Aircraft will unveil its prototype flying wing that is already undergoing flight testing as the nearby photos...
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    Social Security

    Good info. Thanks!
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    Crime "Up to 15 year" Wanna bet?

    Based on his record in the system he is no stranger to the judicial system and probably should have been in jail but, you know, compassion and all for the downtrodden...…..
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    ‘Criminalizing poverty’: DA says he won’t prosecute thefts under $750 ‘committed out of necessity’

    So the retailer will raise prices to balance out loss by theft. So once again the law abiding consumers pay for the lowlife criminals. A few questions about this. 1. How many free passes do you get per day/week/month/year/lifetime? 2. Is the $750.00 going to be considered taxable income?
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    So much for "Game Over" and "Total Vindication"

    Returned the favor!:alkies:
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    So much for "Game Over" and "Total Vindication"

    I wonder how the magic mulatto, hrc, loretta lynch, and the rest of the band of conspirators would stand up to a 30 million dollar 2 year investigation. I certainly we find out soon.
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    This is why I don't really care about Ilhan Omar's "death threat".

    Only a moron (you listening tranny) cannot see her claiming victimhood. If she has all these death threats where are the investigations? Last I knew death threats were a crime and as an added bonus since she is muslim it could be easily classified as a hate crime. Calling major BS on this.
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    Medal of Freedom - Tiger Woods

    Read this: He certainly was fond of basketballers and leftist hollyweird people.
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    Notre Dame In Paris On Fire (Huge)

    800 year old wood burns nicely. It could be any of a number of causes but given the damage I doubt they will determine a definitive cause unless accelerants were used. It was a remarkable piece of architecture and home to irreplaceable artworks. Sad.
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    But cummings and his band of Trump haters will say "What difference at this point does it make?". And "that was then, this is now!".