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    Wicker Furniture

    Thanks for getting back to me, PE. The area I was going to put it in isn't as large as I had remembered, so I won't be able to use the furniture.
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    What are you serving for Easter dinner?

    Baked pineapple. I can't find my recipe but there are tons of them on the internet. It goes really well with ham.
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    Favorite places to visit in the US

    I lived in Orlando for 20 years and in Altamonte Springs for five. My favorite thing to do was to drive up to Mt Dora and walk through the town and in and out of the shops. Loved Renninger's Flea Market.
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    If someone dies and goes to hell

    I love your response. I will disagree with you on sola fide and the teachings of high Protestantism. I spent my childhood in the Episcopal church (before Vatican II) and 20 or so years in what is called the Anglican Catholic Church and I can assure you that sola fide is what they profess. One...
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    California May Be Coming for You

    I'm not real knowledgeable about this tax stuff, so I may be way off base, but couldn't all those M&Ps just quit doing business in California?
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    Favorite Cowboy

    Roy Rogers Gene Autry Hopalong Cassidy Cisco and Pancho
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    The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Why do you think the Dem Party promotes drug use? Because drugged people are even easier to control. Why do you think the Dem Party has demonized any news outlet they don't own? Because they want to control information. I have long held this opinion. Brave New World comes to mind.
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    I took my HQL at Flat Broke as well as some other safety classes. Cindi and Steve are great.
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    Martina Navratilova says it's insane

    I agree with her also. I wonder though if some of these women who are complaining about transgender men playing women's sports are the same women who complained about not being allowed to play men's sports.
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    None dare call it treason

    It's time to split this country. We are way too polarized Right and Left to be able to coexist, and we've allowed it to go way past the point where we can turn it back. Once the media goes America-hating Socialist, that's that because they control the People. I agree. I keep going back to...
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    ISO Recommendations High School/College Students needing hours for community service

    I hope I've put this in the right forum. I live in a senior community where we pay fees to the HOA to have lawn care, snow shoveling, trash collection, etc., done for us. With these last few days of heavy snow, we had a few residents who took it upon themselves to shovel the sidewalks...
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    And down goes the last one

    Tom Selleck has always been one of my favorites just because he has never been touched by scandal.
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    Wicker Furniture

    I'm on the board of directors at the condo I live in. There is a gazebo at the front of the building and people like to sit out there when the weather is nice. We frequently run out of seating. Sounds like there is plenty of time and I need to run this by the rest of the board. The main...
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    Wicker Furniture

    Is it natural or painted? What pieces does it include? I might be interested in buying it.
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    Personal finances

    Perhaps they were happy, satisfied and comfortable with what they had. If that's so, then they were richer than Donald Trump.
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    What should I read next?

    Ken Follett writes excellent historical fiction. Another of my favorites is Bodie and Brock Thoene.
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    ISO Karaoke DJ Recommendation

    Is that or .net
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    ISO Karaoke DJ Recommendation

    Thank you.