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    What Would an ‘Open Borders’ World Actually Look Like?

    Have you ever read the Declaration of Independence?
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    What Would an ‘Open Borders’ World Actually Look Like?

    Yes, saying "white flight" has anything to do with the opening post was pretty stupid. Glad we agree.
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    What Would an ‘Open Borders’ World Actually Look Like?

    Pretty sure that they didn’t leave the country, so you’re comparing apples and bricks
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    Why no postings on this week unemployment claims???

    From the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey While Tranny may be celebrating an upward blip, it's barely even a blip at all.
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    What Would an ‘Open Borders’ World Actually Look Like?

    10 points against "Reputation for constructive discussion."
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    Massachusetts judge who helped illegal immigrant escape ICE arrest indicted

    So, at least those on this jury DO understand what "obstruction of justice" actually is! It's nice to know there are some out there who do.
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    More "winning"!!

    Please tell me the connection to a measles outbreak and Trump.
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    Interesting question: Who do you believe

    Based on the footnotes, McGahn did not recall very well what actually happened, and (if we're going to be all technical about it) lied under oath. Trump, on the other hand, had every legal right to fire Mueller if he so chose. So, given those things, I'll believe Trump. Mostly because, who...
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    Nothing Says INCLUSION Like No Whites

    I agree with you - white is a color, so when she says it is only for People of color, she's including all non-transparent people!!
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    McCain Family Will Back Joe Biden In Bid To Unseat Donald Trump

    I anticipate John will vote multiple times for anyone running against Trump.
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    Once again: NO COLLUSION

    I remember the good ol' days when Democrats/liberals/progressives were saying they'd be happy with the Mueller report. Now that it shows no collusion, no coordination, and no obstruction they are finding Easter eggs and saying, "but he couldn't do what we wanted him to do, so now WE have to do...
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    Get woke, go broke

    Vegan cafe that boasted about charging male customers an 18% 'man tax' and seating women first is now closing down A vegan cafe that charged male customers an 18 per cent 'man tax' to highlight the gender wage gap is closing down. Handsome Her, in Melbourne's trendy Brunswick, made headlines...
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    More Humor...

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    Once again: NO COLLUSION

    It was repeatedly explained to the population that Trump could be prosecuted post-presidency for actual acts of crime, even if he was impeached for the crime(s). If Mueller found a crime, he could have and should have recommended prosecution post-presidency. He absolutely could do that. He...