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  1. b23hqb

    AOC - Where Did 25,000 Come From?

    Both the origional and the latest,. Don't recall 'MCP'
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    "Navy's Last Active Duty P-3C Orion Squadron Is On Its Final Deployment"

    My Lt (LCDR select) son is on the Patrol and Reconnaisance Wing 10 staff at Whidby. Just talked to him yesterday, and I asked him about that. Said there are still a few squadrons there that are on track to get phased out to the new P-8 737-type jet. Reaching the end of another era in naval...
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    Potatoes Well, a Girl Potato and Boy Potato had eyes for each other, And finally, they got married, and had a little Sweet Potato, which they called 'Yam.' Of course, they wanted the best for Yam. When it was time, they told her about the facts of life. They warned her about going out and...
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    Man Headed to Pokey for Shooting at Fireflies He Thought Were ‘Alien Lasers’

    If he did, it has to be mistreatment of insects with a deadly weapon. We need a five day waiting period before purchase of bath salts.
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    AOC - Where Did 25,000 Come From?

    I'm not completely acronym illiterate, but what is (MCP)?😕
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    Obama Era Appointee Woman Keep Up The Entitlement

    The era of empowerment for women appointees in the Obama administration. As crooked as ever. "The inspector general concluded in a report released in late...
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    The Class Experiment

    For an experiment, a teacher uses live worms. In the 1st test tube, she places a worm in a tube of beer. In the 2nd test tube, she places a live worm in a tube of wine. In the 3rd test tube, she places a live worm in a test tube of whiskey. In the 4th test tube, she places a live worm in a test...
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    Crooked Baltimore Mayor taking leave of absence......

    When is Baltimore going to show some diversity and elect a crooked, democrat, black male candidate for all these Baltimore positions? Let's show some equal opportunity, non-discrimination in these city elections.
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    Booze, Guns, and Body Armor - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    Just relaxing having a little fun on the back porch in Arkansas. "Ferris was wearing a bulletproof vest and told Hicks to shoot him with the vest on. Hicks shot Ferris in the...
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    The Admiral

    A young navy officer was involved in a serious accident aboard a ship. His ear lobes were seriously disfigured, and had to have both ear lobes amputated. This, however, did not disqualify him for military duty, and he served a distinctive career, rising to the rank of Admiral. However, he...
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    The Veterans Bar

    Four Navy chiefs are walking down a street, and notice a run down looking establishment, called Veterans Bar. Checking out the looks of the place, the four chiefs decide to give it a try. After entering the bar, and noticing the run down condition, they sit at one end of the bar, and order four...
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    Should black Americans get slavery reparations?

    No. Neither I or anybody alive in this country ever owned any slaves, and no black US citizen alive ever picked any cotton or something similar. Take money from people alive during that time, not from anybody that wasn't.
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    Drinking in Texas

    An Arab, a Mexican and a Texas girl are in the same bar. When the Mexican finishes his beer, he throws his glass in the air, pulls out his pistol, and shoots the glass to pieces... He says,'In Mexico , our glasses are so cheap we don't need to drink with the same one twice.' The Arab...
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    St Patrick"s Day

    What is Irish and stays outside all year around? Patty O'Furniture
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    Navy Returns to Flying Union Jack

    Yup. No stars of color, or gender, etc.....
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    ISIS is defeated!! (or not?)

    You can kill nearly every member of ISIS, as has been done marvelously the last two years, but as long as the idea still lives, which it will in the demented minds of too many islamists, the process will continue in the form of isolated incidents around the world. No reason to stop killing them...
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    Us Navy Conducts First Ever All-Female Flyover To Honor Female Naval Aviation Pioneer

    Not a very diverse or inclusive group there. Hmmmmmm.......looks like a sorority house at a white privelege college. ;)
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    Coast Guard Terrorist Charge

    Maybe I missed it, but haven't seen this disturbing article on here. No big deal about the safe - looks a lot like mine minus the body armor and...
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    Super Bowl 2019

    Just find some team that can keep them out. Easy peasy.....
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    I don't care what anyone says...

    It was a real good game. I'm way tired of 45-41 type games. Now we'll see how the competition committee does to take more defense away from two really good defensive teams.….