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  1. GWguy


    I never had much luck with artis in the campfire, but I can make a mean mickie (fire roasted potato). My dad was from Brooklyn, and he told me stories exactly like this one:
  2. GWguy

    Just a few Pics

    Anyone else notice an abundance of tree frogs this year? I've been hearing them outside everyday. This guy was on my back door just now. These iris have a long history. They originally came from my grandmother from her place in Saugerties, NY sometime in the 1940s. When she moved to...
  3. GWguy

    Snow Removal, Cars, Russia (This Week In "It May Take A Moment")

    I was wondering where I parked.....
  4. GWguy

    Solar Power

    Replaced the outlet with a GFI, mounted up the solar charger display and remote on/off switch for the inverter. Other than building a stand for the solar panel, this is pretty much a done deal.
  5. GWguy

    Kamala Harris will give Congress 100 days to act on gun control before taking executive action if president

    I love how she just assumes she will be elected. Not the first time she implied this. Good to be optimistic, but she is unrealistic.
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    More Humor...

  7. GWguy


    Yes, but tequila makes your clothes fall off.
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    Solar Power

    Well, contrary to the manufacturer of the inverter, a GFI breaker between their inverter and my 120VAC hardware works correctly, as intended. Have to modify the case a bit to accommodate the GFI as it's bigger than the duplex outlet I have in there now. Thanx for the heads up, Chris.
  9. GWguy

    Solar Power

    I've looked at many of the 12v fridges, and they are all very expensive for what you get, which is why I thought it was a great thing to build the one I did. Cheap, and works better. Regarding the GFI, ok, I've been educated. Did a little research on GFIs and you're right, it senses a...
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    Once, I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken. yeah..... wisteria. oops. Flowers kinda look the same.
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    Solar Power

    I have a spare full size fridge, top freezer, just sitting there. I got curious if the solar system could power it, so I hooked up the watt meter. Again, surprised. Initial turn-on surge was about 1500 watts, but quickly fell to 120 watts. In partial sun, the solar system can easily cover...
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    Spring Gripe, Part 2 Oak flowers. Catkins. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!
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    I have lilac growing wild all over the place, can't get rid of it. Vines now stretch to the top of the trees, about 40' up.
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    Well, I'm enjoying the heck out of this nice spring, but I still prefer fall. Cool dry air, warm ground, still waters... ...and no pollen.
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    Agree. You spend all winter inside trying to stay warm and dry, then all summer inside trying to stay cool and dry! It's nice to have a real spring.
  16. GWguy

    Apple Using Facial Recognition Software In It's Stores ?

    I don't doubt Apple is testing that kind of tech in their own stores. What better place for Apple to test future tech and products?
  17. GWguy

    Court Says Using Chalk On Tires For Parking Enforcement Violates Constitution

    But that's not to say someone doesn't have a seizure when they see a parking officer.... :jameo:
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    Cutting the grass this weekend, notice something on the sidewalk. It's a piece of rat snake. A few feet away is another piece. I guess he was in the grass near a brush pile and I didn't see him. :ohwell:
  19. GWguy

    Get Woke Go Broke - Vegan Restaurant Edition

    More like "we really failed at this, so let's do something else, put it as far behind us as possible and pretend it didn't happen."
  20. GWguy

    It's Been One Of Those Days....

    Oh please. If you scarf down "the whole thing", you are certainly not concerned about calories. Moot point.