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    Sports Trivia Challenge this Saturday March 10th

    Join us at Quade's Store & Grill this Saturday for a sports trivia challenge beginning at 8pm. Bring your group or team and enjoy a night of tough sports trivia questions, prizes to top 3 teams. Any questions just reply here or check us out on FB.
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    Weekly & Year-long NFL Pick'em Contest

    I'm doing my weekly NFL pick-em pool for anyone that may be interested. Last year we raised almost $1,000 for Dynard ES PTA. This year I am raising money for a young teen who lost her father to addiction last year. The proceeds of the fundraiser will be put in her 529 plan. Here's the gist...
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    NFL Pick 'em Pool - win up to $500!

    This is a classic NFL pick 'em pool, all you have to do is pick the teams you think will win each week. This is a fundraiser to benefit Dynard Elementary School PTA. Here's the gist of it: $50 per person covers all 17 weeks of the season. That's only $3 each week! Submit your picks via...
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    First Annual Boating Scavenger Hunt to Benefit Dynard ES PTA

    This Sunday, August 16th, a boating scavenger hunt will take place with registration fees going to Dynard Elementary School PTA. Event will take place in the Wicomico River mostly, with the Hunt beginning at 11:45 a.m at Quade's Store in Bushwood. Boats will have three hours to collect items...
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    First Annual Sports Trivia Challenge

    See attached Facebook page for all the info, to benefit the 7th District Rescue Squad Auxiliary. If you have questions you may post them here or on the Facebook page. Thanks!
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    Anyone else have horrible Allergies & Sinus

    So I've never had anything like this before. I just can't get over it. For a month now I'd had sinusitis and related symptoms that won't go away. My head is in a constant fog and I'm even getting dizziness and motion sickness type symptoms along with it. I've been to an ENT who did a culture...
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    Best single cartoon of all time

    Post yours, any entry, any generation. Not a series, a single cartoon. Sheep Wrecked - YouTube Sheep Wrecked - YouTube
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    How do you keep gulls off your pier?

    I know all the "little" tricks that seem to work, like fake owls, fishing line, pie tins, tinsel, etc., but I'm looking for something more decorative that works. I see something called a Whirly Bird online, that spins and creates shadows. Others tell me of a sound maker that "pops" every five...
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    Fireball over Charles County this morning?

    Anyone else see it? Saw it between 10 and 1030 am, a burning object with smoke trail behind/above it, eventually fizzled out just before the horizon. Could see from St. Mary's looking across to Rock Point/Cobb Island area.
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    What was the name

    Of the old buffet steakhouse where Wawa and shopping center sits today at the 4/235 intersection?
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    Best way to invest right now??

    Looking for input on where to invest about $8K right now. I know real estate and have a rental unit, I have a bunch of different CDs that aren't collecting much to speak of. What is a fairly safe investment and where should I begin? I do have an EJ guy we consulted about retirement, etc., but...
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    Fluorescent light recycling -- or not LOL

    Read in the Enterprise about a month ago that you can recycle fluorescent lights at any transfer station. I took two the other day just to make sure and the guy told me where to put them. I took the rest of the load today and the attendant met me and said, you can put those right over there...
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    Rustic River

    No vehicles there this evening. Checked website and says closed until further notice.
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    baby rabbit

    Ran upon a scared baby rabbit today cutting grass. Just sitting in front of mower and wouldn't move. Not sure but it also appeared to only have one eye. Put it in a box and gave water & lettuce. Called OWRC and left message at 2:30 but no return call yet. Maybe I disturbed nest cutting...
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    Another stray hound

    Found last Thursday, stray coonhound/mix in Bushwood area. No collar or tags. Seems young and is fixed, so maybe not a hunting dog. Playful, energetic, good in crate and in truck. Pics to come.
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    boat trailer electrical question

    Ran all new wires and fixtures on my boat trailer. Got everything working this evening before the storm. Wanted to check it again after dark and got nothing. Something get wet or what else would cause it? TIA.
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    Tester contact info

    Anyone know phone or website info for the Tester newspaper? Thanks.
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    Turkey Shoot & Oyster Scald, Sunday Nov. 15th

    The turkey shoots return at the 7th District Optimist Club ball park on Sunday November 15th, 2009, at Noon. Same as last year, prize and money rounds all afternoon, as well as junior shoots if enough participants are there. Oyster scald, chili and cold beer all afternoon. Second one is...
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    Another stray in Bushwood (Pit Bull)

    A few folks told me about a stray in the area yesterday and today. I saw it today on the way home. Brindle markings, no collar, getting skinny. Walked towards it and it took off into the field. Seen on Bushwood Road and now on Bushwood Wharf Road almost to the boat ramp/pier at the end...
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    Stray black lab update

    No takers on the internet, post office or shelter postings we made regarding this stray black lab found last week in Bushwood. We have not had him checked for a chip yet but will be doing so hopefully this evening. I have contacted a black lab rescue but they won't do anything until after...