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  1. jenbengen

    Flat Iron Rd?

    It's blocked. Lots of police activity. Anybody know what's going on?
  2. jenbengen

    Lost dog-Beagle on Indian Bridge

    Hi all. My dear friends lost their beagle last night when he got out while they were away for the evening. He does not have his collar on but he is chipped. He is a larger sized beagle (black, brown, & white markings) and his name is Shiloh. Shiloh is older and really needs to be at home...
  3. jenbengen

    small brown dog found

    Sorry, not a very good description. Our dog chased a small brown dog into our woods before I could see it (daughter saw it). If you are missing a dog near Flat Iron Road, shoot me an IM. I haven't relocated it yet but am looking because it is so hot outside.
  4. jenbengen

    Anybody selling a show jacket sz 10 girls

    Hey everybody. Anybody have a size 10 (may be able to do size 12) show jacket for a girl? Trying to cut costs for daughter's 1st show. Thanks!
  5. jenbengen

    Found sweet dog

    I posted this is classifieds, as well, but thought it couldn't hurt to post here to for all the dog lovers. My friend found a VERY sweet min-pin/daschund mix (we believe) on Indian Bridge Road. She has clearly been very loved and we really want to find her owners. Please call 301-994-0904 to...
  6. jenbengen

    kid's riding boots

    Hey horse forum! My 10 yr old is starting back up in riding lessons. Her old boots are too small now. Anybody have any suggestions on where to get a good & fairly inexpensive pair of riding boots? She is a size 4/4.5. I'm not opposed to a used pair either since she is growing like crazy these days.
  7. jenbengen

    Know of a good dog trainer?

    Hi everybody. We are making good progress with our 8 month old dog (she is mostly pitt with a little bit of something else mixed in) but I would love somebody with more experience to help us with our main issues. She weighs as much as my 6 year old and she is a jumper when very excited. We can't...
  8. jenbengen

    Accident in Leonardtown?

    Stuck in Ltown with bad traffic going southbound on 5. Anybody know what's going on?
  9. jenbengen

    Abandonded house on Flat Iron

    I have always called it Bates Motel. It's the old red house on the hill. Lots of activity there lately- anybody know if it is being salvaged or did the local crack house move in?
  10. jenbengen

    New dog questions

    So after years of discussion, my family and I have agreed it's a great time to get a new family member. We found the sweetest lab mix at one of the local rescues here. She is 6 months old. She isn't trained but her temperament is just so sweet. So we have two indoor cats. One I can...
  11. jenbengen

    Need help with my calico :(

    I know this is a long post- so sorry, but I wanted to be thorough. OK fellow cat friends, I really need some help with one of my beautiful calico cats. It's a bit of a long story, but please read- I took in our first calico, Callie, (we have two) a little over two years ago when she...
  12. jenbengen

    Cat Flea Dip?

    Our indoor cat escaped for two days and despite Frontline she got fleas. We used flea shampoo and all of those other great things available and then reapplied Frontline and she still has some fleas. So now that we've exhausted the flea treatments, my question is this: Is there a groomer or...
  13. jenbengen

    Local Girls Lacrosse options (St Marys)

    We are looking to get our 6 yr old involved in Lacrosse. I have noticed a couple of different options for leagues in this area. Any opinions on the difference in the leagues? I'm trying to find the best suited one for her. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
  14. jenbengen

    Channel 9 news

    :clap::clap: Channel 9 is shaming all the people they run into that are stuck in the snow because they "needed breakfast food" or because "the kids were supposed to go away this weekend". Lovin' the look on their faces when they are called out for being ignorant and driving around with two kids...
  15. jenbengen

    Scanner activity near Flat Iron?

    Anybody hear anything going on around Flat Iron Rd near the farm? I hear lots of sirens. Scanner not working for me.
  16. jenbengen

    fire on Flat Iron

    So was the giant house fire on Flat Iron this morning a controlled fire or an actual house fire? Hoping it was planned.
  17. jenbengen

    Black Dog found Drayden/St Georges Rd

    The dog was a bit nervous when I approached it so I couldn't get it, but I will be going back with some food to try and get it. I am assuming it is some type of black lab mix. It is totally black with a red leash that was broken at the end. Located near the intersection of St George's...
  18. jenbengen

    Police shoot man beating toddler

    My only hope is that this man was riddled with bullets and felt every single one of them hit is p.o.s body. Police shoot man as he beats toddler - oops! Already posted! Sorry!
  19. jenbengen


    I'm getting ready to move in a couple of weeks. I could really use one of those mini dumpsters in my driveway for a good day or two to get rid of the ridiculous amount of crap that we have. Is there a local company that rents things like this out? Anybody ever used a service like this?
  20. jenbengen

    PC gone too far

    OK, I am all for following rules and :blahblah:, but this seems a bit much. I don't think anybody has a problem with a cross being laid in honor of a chaplan, just as I wouldn't if a Jewish symbol was laid in honor of a rabbi. Everything seems so overthougt these days. *sigh*