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  1. krisx2

    Emergency vet in southern Maryland

    Does anyone know of a vet who has Sunday hours in the la plata Waldorf area? So far I have found Banfield. I am interested to see if anyone has other recommendations. I have a beagle with a badly torn ear. Thank you
  2. krisx2

    Crab bait?

    What is the best type of crab bait? My husband is set on catching us a crab feast this year. He tried using hot dogs - that caught one crab. Then he used chicken necks - that caught us about a dozen. Is there something better? Also, any tips on putting out traps? We had about 4 traps out...
  3. krisx2

    Cobb Island beagle

    Has anyone around Cobb Island seen a stray beagle that runs around the corner of 257 and Cobb Island Rd (in front of the Seafood Co?). Every time I pass by there he's running around the side of the road. I have stopped and tried to get him to come to me but he's really shy. He runs away and...