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    Nope... stumbled on this just now, while looking for an old thread.
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    Fat Cat

    Trying to settle the question on how old our cat is... Huntr keeps saying that he remembers having a kitten in 2007. He makes a good argument and we certainly have had a number of strays around over the years, but I remembered having this particular kitten when teenage daughter was a toddler...
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    I think I've been 12-stepped on

    Alcohol with a side of oxy on top of a weakened heart from years of abuse.... technically not an OD, but....
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    I think I've been 12-stepped on

    Well, I guess it didn't work... he died.
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    That only works if they are coming in along the ground. In my experience, they just walk up the wall until they are clear of it and find another way in.
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    I discovered that if I use a poison, be it baking powder or chemical, that uses the idea of attracting them to kill them, I attract them faster then the poison is killing them. I end up with more ants then I started out with. I discovered by accident that liquid soap put in their path will...
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    Susan, The snow days have mess me up... Abby wants to invite Alyssa to her birthday party this...

    Susan, The snow days have mess me up... Abby wants to invite Alyssa to her birthday party this Saturday, Feb 1 at Michael's Craft Store. The party runs from 1-3.
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    Who remembers these?

    No, I meant 19th C.
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    Who remembers these?

    I know.... but they've really been around forever. I'll never forget learning to make them in elementary school. We called them fortune tellers and thought we were so cool. I brought one home to show my parents, because I thought it was so innovative and my dad says, "Oh, we always called...
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    Who remembers these?

    I saw some pre-made in the store the other day. :rolleyes: I taught my scouts to do them a couple of years ago as part of a history lesson in toys/games of the late 19th century.
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    Animals to be euthanized???

    From Charles County's FB page:
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    Hey, OHG!

    Had a nice chat with your wife this afternoon. Next time, be more sociable and step out of the truck. :howdy:
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    So what IS there in Mechanicsville?

    :yeahthat: :yeahthat: :yeahthat: I've never seen zip codes anywhere else like St. Mary's County. There are huge geographic areas within a given zip code with random little post offices that only have PO Boxes with no delivery, so that even the post office isn't in it's own zip code... or...
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    Life in Mechanicsville?

    Mechanicsville is nice. Those who have issues with it have issues with rural life in general. No we don't have Target, mostly mom and pop stuff and fast food (one or two decent mid-range restaurants). But we are centrally located to everywhere else. There's a Target, Walmart and other stores...
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    Wedding invitation

    I imagine you MIL has been bragging to her friends about her granddaughter getting married, so those invitations are likely just fine. When I got married, there was a pair of cousins of my grandparents who I'd never met, but had often heard about. Little old ladies in their 70's who we knew...
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    Wedding invitation

    Now that you mention it, the last wedding we went to for this branch of the family was a dry event... :shocking:
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    Wedding invitation

    We got a wedding invitation in the mail yesterday. Didn't have the slightest idea who these people were. The wording was, "You are invited to the wedding of Bride's Name and Groom's Name...." Neither name, first or last, meant anything to either of us. No parents' names were on the...
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    So, you admit to being a newbie to the area...
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    The whole tri-county is fair game at this point and the only ones covered by the insurance are the ones I listed in the original post and a few others that have been completely slammed here on the forums already. I won't mention them because everytime they come up, the thread goes on for pages...
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    Not covered by insurance