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  1. obxtracey

    HELP! Galaxy S7 Edge...

    I've had similar problems with my old Motorola Razr and my Samsung 6. Doing a force restart fixed the issue. Try this: First step: Force restart your Galaxy S7 By pressing and holding the...
  2. obxtracey

    Billingsley road power plant noise

    Oh yeah, I can hear it. It's not every night/day, thankfully. Took me forever to figure out it was the plant on Billingsley. It always sounded like there was heavy construction equipment running in the middle of the night.
  3. obxtracey

    Mail delivery in bad weather

    I live in La Plata and there was no mail service during the snow on Saturday. Our mail, along with a package I was expecting, was delivered today!
  4. obxtracey

    Where to get a cheap zip up hoodie in area?

  5. obxtracey

    I need to get ahold of someone

    I checked and found this:
  6. obxtracey

    TV series catch phrases

    Are you Being Served? Giggity, Giggity, Goo!
  7. obxtracey

    Kerrick Manor, La Plata Incident?

    It was regular old yellow caution tape that you can buy at Lowe's or Home Depot. I don't understand how someone could think it was some kind of crime scene. It was pretty obvious that they had just resealed the driveway.
  8. obxtracey

    Kerrick Manor, La Plata Incident?

    They resealed their driveway this week. It was taped off so no one would drive on it.
  9. obxtracey

    Emergency vet in southern Maryland

    I used this place several years ago and was happy. It's in Waldorf near the Motor Vehicle's Administration. Here's their website:
  10. obxtracey

    301 towards bridge

    Maybe this? From FB Southern Maryland Breaking News 1 hour ago LAPLATA | CHARLES | 8230 ROSIERS PL | WORKING BARN FIRE 2 ADDITIONAL TANKERS REQUESTED
  11. obxtracey

    Kindle Fire

    I've had mine since they were released in November 2011. Knock-on-wood, no problems. I use it every day and hope it hangs in there a while longer. I'm not ready to shell out the money for the new HD Fire!
  12. obxtracey

    Have an odd eating habit?

    Frito's Frito's on tuna sammiches.:drool:
  13. obxtracey

    White Deer

    The deer that are white with the brown splotches are call piebald. I've seen a few in my neighborhood in La Plata over the years. From the DNR website: A genetic defect produces a few white-tailed deer that are brown and white spotted, similar to a pinto horse. These white-tailed deer are...
  14. obxtracey

    T or F? Woman in Agricopia Has Mortgage Forgiven?

    I was just trying to point out that Agricopia is just like every other planned community in Charles County.
  15. obxtracey

    T or F? Woman in Agricopia Has Mortgage Forgiven?

    Why do you think Agricopia is snooty? It's just another neighborhood with big cookie cutter houses crammed next to each other, oh, and they have townhouses, too.:shrug:
  16. obxtracey

    Descisions, Descisions

    From the DMV website: Driver Licensing Information You are responsible for renewing your driver's license before it expires. You have up to one year after it expires to renew without having to take additional tests. However, it is against the law to drive with an expired license.
  17. obxtracey

    Franken Berry

    Found Some Found Frankenberry, Boo Berry and Count Chocula in the La Plata Safeway today. I bought two boxes of the Frankenberry!!!!:yahoo:
  18. obxtracey

    Franken Berry

    Mmmmm...Frankenberry was my favorite cereal as a kid! Now I want some.
  19. obxtracey

    Thirtyone Gifts

    Thanks again. I received Nikki's e-mail.
  20. obxtracey

    Charles County Hair Salons

    Melissa at Centennial Street Salon in La Plata