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    Has anyone heard of the Household Goods Global Contract? Congress has it starting in October of this year. However, it may be delayed until March or April due to law suits from various moving companies. It will be "contractors" administering contractors. It looks like the people in Personal...
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    A friend recently pointed out that more than half of the people in public are not wearing their masks properly. He said it places themselves at risk as well as their family and friends if they get the virus. There has been a substantial increase in people who either wear it to cover only the...
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    Medical problems

    There seems to be a lot of sick people in Southern Maryland. Every time someone goes off the road and hits a tree, house, another car the police assume the person must have had a medical problem. If so, the rate of people having medical problems in Southern Maryland sure has significantly...
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    How did vote democrat work out for them

    So, how did the "Vote Democrat" signs work out for the Democrats? It never said why. It never said what they stand for. People are just supposed to get up and vote Democrat just because some put up yet another sign that said so. For the person that put up such a sign, what kind of idiots does he...
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    Sign trash

    Political signs have become a form of trash in the beautiful landscape of our County, if not the State. We need to have a law that all of the political signs that some will argue doesn't do any good anyhow, have to be placed no more than 30 days before the election and no more than 30 days...
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    Large bright orange object

    From the Western Shore of St. Mary's County near the mouth of the St. Jerome's Creek I observed in the NE sky a large bright orange object. I tracked it for at least two minutes as it started to come down toward the Chesapeake Bay. Once it got lower it dimmed considerably but still was...
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    Turtles everywhere!

    Although I have seen turtles everywhere, they seem to be daredevils. Some make it. Some don't At the So far, I rescued 8 Boxers of various sizes in the Southern part of SMC. The most recent was today. He was in the center of Route 235. How he didn't get hit, who knows. I turned around and...
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    Does the sheriff's office do enoiugh traffic enforcment ?

    Does the sheriff's office do enough traffic enforcement?
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    Metal detectors in schools

    The article in Friday's Letter to the Editor (Enterprise) about Metal Detectors was interesting. It does bring up a point about how a person would shoot their way right through a Metal Detector if the person was determined. However, I researched a little to see if it ever happened. I found one...
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    Good job with the plows!

    The last time, I posted a thread with my belief the plows were nonexistent. This time they were everywhere and plowed over and over, day after day. They did an outstanding job. Hats off to them!
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    Half of the arrests are for disrupton of school activities! Surprised?

    Half of these kids were arrested for disruption of school activities. I wonder if a voucher program where you can choose a school, such as a "private" school would be better? Private schools are not forced to accept the thugs that the Board of Education claims they are forced to accept. In...
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    More accidents

    The accidents continue to pile up, pardon the pun. UPDATE 12/15/17 - The accident is currently being investigated by the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office. Initial unconfirmed reports show that the accident was a single vehicle crash. The occupants of the vehicle are said to be uninjured...
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    People continue to die on our roads with yet another head on

    This is horrible. At least two are now reported deceased right before Christmas. This is horrible for their poor families! May God be with them in their time of sorrow. Crossed the center line. Hmmm, seems like we have heard that perhaps once or twice before. Gee, I wonder how this one happened...
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    What do you do if you fail to recognize your problem is from within?

    In fairness to the St. Mary's school system, this problem is not isolated to just St. Mary's. But, what do you do if your problem is from "WITHIN" and everyone involved with the "safety and the security" and the "positive learning environment" as they like to call it continues to have their head...
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    Where were the st. Mary's county snow trucks?

    St. Mary's County received a pretty good snow fall. The State roads were fine because the State put down some salt. However, the County did not put down salt any where that I have seen. In fact, I did not see one St. Mary's County salt trucks.
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    Unknown lights

    My wife and I were looking out over the Bay. We noticed at least two separate light that rotated with red and teal lights. Not sure what it was. I work at Pax and have seen everything they have. Nothing matches to what we saw. I have seen it before but tried to ignore it This time it appeared...
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    School buses causing accidents?

    Some one came up with the idea of a white strobe light in the "BACK" of a school bus. There is no "independent" proof that the strobe lights toward the "rear" of a school bus increases safety. I suspect school bus accidents in Maryland either held steady or increased. The theory is that the...
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    Another accident!!

    Wow! here we go again! Benedict, MD- Around 11:30 a.m. 8/29/2017 a motor vehicle crash was reported on the Benedict Bridge. It is reported that one person is trapped. Charles County and Calvert County Fire and EMS are on the scene. It is reported that a Charles County Deputy is involved and...
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    August 22 - single car in to a tree

    This kind of reminds me of the movie Ground Hog Day. Same thing, over and over and over. MMMM, I wonder what could have caused this one? The County Commissioners must be getting tired of all of the people dying on our roads. They gave 42K for traffic safety. That's a cute sum of money. You need...
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    Vibrio vulnificus in st. Mary's county waters

    I just found out that a neighbor got a case of Vibrio Vulnificus while working on his boat in the shallow water of the Chesapeake Bay along the Western shore. He is recovering. Be careful - Remember, if you get a case of it in your blood stream, if not properly treated in 48 hours, you could...