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    Tractor Supply, Charlotte Hall

    Do we really need ANOTHER Tractor Supply? Don't get me wrong, I love Tractor Supply....But do we really need another one? And....what will this do to Southern States?
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    Radio: 102.9 FM

    Just heard yesterday that a new DJ is starting Wednesday.....Everytime I get used to the "new guy" he's gone..... Good luck "Hawkeye."
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    Good Sunday Morning!

    Good Morning to you too! Happy Sunday :)
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    Henkles....Annapolis Junction

    I'm full just thinking about Henkles :howdy:
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    any opinions - auto repair shops near Pax River?

    Hail to the NO Agape worst experience EVER! Leonardtown Service Center is A1 in my book. I have also heard good things about Curtis Tire!
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    Medical malpractice lawyer

    You might be able to get a suggestion from a local attorney...but will probably have to go to D.C. or Baltimore to find anyone...the big firms that advertise on TV are generally "useless" unless they think it's worth their while $$$
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    ***warning *** scam at southern maryland wawa ***warning***

    I told my hubby for his own safety he is not allowed to go to Lowe's, Home Depot or Costco!!! So glad you bought all the wallets around town!
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    ***warning *** scam at southern maryland wawa ***warning***

    Thanks for the warning! :faint::bann:
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    Maryland Antique Center Museum

    It's outside of Leonardtown, next to the Winery near Mc Intosh Run.
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    Maryland Antique Center Museum

    Have you been there lately? I went today hoping things might be different since new management took over. Although I fully realize that antiques are expensive, I feel that at the prices they are asking they don't won't to sell anything. Any thoughts?
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    Heat Pumps

    Hancock took good care of us with the installation of a new heat pump last winter!
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    Kennel recommendation in Lex Park area

    Instead of a kennel since your dog is shy why not consider a pet sitter? I wholeheartedly recommend Wags and Whinnies! 240 515-0951 :) they are great and that way your pet doesn't have to leave home!
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    Brown & Hogan Debate

    I am tired of Brown and feel that Hogan will only be an imitation of the same. I think Quinn should have been included in the debates. The comment regarding Quinn's education makes me ask, How did O'Malley's education benefit the state of Maryland? Shawn Quinn is a working joe, just like most...
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    Looking for work since November

    Nurse Sherri- I am hoping that once you settle in things will improve and you will be happier here! Have you considered long term care nursing? It seems that we have had a lot of turnover lately and there may be a position available that might interest you. Good luck!
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    Worried about leaving my dog...

    I totally agree with the recommendation for Wags and Whinnies! It's so much nicer for your pet to be at home rather than going to a strange environment! They are very attentive to your pets and any special needs that they might have.
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    Emergency vet in southern Maryland

    I agree whenever you have the need MASH is the best! Good luck with your beagle!
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    Farmstead Kennels

    How about using a pet sitter? You can have your pet taken care of in the comfort of your home without exposing your pet to other animals. I highly recommend Wags and Whinnies. We used them last week for a long weekend and couldn't be happier with their service. The cost is reasonable and I'm...
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    I've been seeing them since late February too. I'm going to check out my houses today :)
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    What the hell is wrong with people!

    Soooooo sad and I cannot believe that they released the 17 year old. Really sad. Hope the young man is able to recover from this.
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    Ophthalmologist recommendations- good/bad?

    Ditto! I totally recommend Dr. Miller with Eye Associates in Prince Frederick! I live in St. Mary's and happily travel to Calvert to see her.