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    Mask Report

    We went from the mask police to now the no-mask police, and neither of you are better than the other. I may lose it if someone says, hey, you know you don't have to wear it anymore?! I don't care what you do but the hand sanitizing stations should stick around forever. Our family of five...
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    Lowe's Of St. Mary's

    Was it a super walmart or a big box hardware that wanted to go in where the Armory building is in Prince Fred? The developer/company tried to be slick and say it was an X-square foot building, which was allowed, but then didn't want to count the outdoor garden area as total SF. Calvert has...
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    Tear Down Dr. Mudd's House

    If you can, look up Brad Meltzer's episode of Decoded on the History Channel, I think, regarding the Booth theories. There's an argument that the man killed in Booth's place was a patsy, and the family was never allowed to ID the body which was on a naval ship, IIRC, and maybe even the death...
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    ISO Recommendations Where to donate winter clothes

    Try Abundant Life Christian Outreach Center in the Park. I think they do a food giveaway and set out any other donations they get for people in need on Wednesdays each week.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    I'm not 100 sure if they're related, but believe Little Tavern to be more of a DC Metro thing. There was one out in Alexandria about 25 years ago still, but unsure if it's still there. They were delicious. Mini Five Guys.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Happy Dragon is the one in Food Lion shopping center at end near Subway. They have new owners. Oga's is downtown next to Big Larry's old spot.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Saw a post on FB. It's Crane Creek Bar/Grill.
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    Selling house without a Selling Agent?

    Two agents for each side split the 6 or 7 percent. If buyers don't have one then, yes, you'd save the total 6 or 7 I believe.
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    Selling house without a Selling Agent?

    Selling without an agent with a deal semi-in-place versus selling without an agent with no deal in place are obviously two different things. No showings required, no paperwork on offers back and forth, etc. Much easier to do with even a handshake deal. If selling from the get-go with no side...
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    COVID-19 case confirmed on base 3/23

    I know someone who was possibly at said base spot and is now on a 2-week quarantine just to be safe.
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    Another new restaurant?

    I'm sure it's been thought of and maybe even planned, but problem is the liquor board probably won't give out a license to a new business such as that. I think one in Charles County recently got denied. The last one in Charles County, Choo-Choos, operated with a BYOB permit but that just isn't...
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    Another new restaurant?

    Yes they ran it as River's Edge before selling, and the next or following owner is where the fire occurred.
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    Another new restaurant?

    A friend shared their FB page. Happy Times Seafood with a location in Baltimore. Mike and Robyn's MO, and it's a fine one, was taking over places that were heading out or closed up, make minimal changes to the layout and kitchen to keep costs down...
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    Sweetbay Restaurant in Leonardtown

    Seems to me every brand new or newly remodeled restaurant that is not a chain or higher end, the "in" thing is this open concept with lots of noise, open kitchen somewhat, open bar, kind of a big social experience over private.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    A while back there was mention of a Royal Farms going into Dunkirk area, but wondering if it's more the Huntingtown area near Cox Road where all the land is now cleared off? Calvert has been taking a hit from the locals for expansion of all the town centers and removing the major and minor...
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    Southern Maryland health departments charge for food inspection reports

    I think a permit is only necessary if you are preparing food or have foods that are perishable. I don't think you need it for snacks/prepackaged items and drinks. A liquor store or convenience store only needs it if they have, say, fountain drinks, or sell milk/eggs/butter, or probably the...
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    Sneaky Pete

    I watched the first 2 seasons and enjoyed it but haven't done the 3rd yet. What is weird for me is the casting. Some of these people are spot on, Marius, Carly and some of the other smaller parts, but the rest the family parts especially are really bad Lifetime style bad acting.
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    Calvert's Growth problem

    Just wait til the 2nd Bay Bridge span goes in in lower Calvert lol.
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    Hollyrock Diesel Douchebags - step in

    [roddrugg] My grandma had an old C10 that blew out black smoke all the time but mostly because it ran off skunk droppings. My uncle had invented a animal feces engine conversion kit that plugged into any engine. Worst thing was grandma made us set the skunk traps and we had about 15 skunks in...
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    Can't wait for the FB pictures of 40-somethings acting like teenagers again.