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    Radio: 102.9 FM

    Just heard yesterday that a new DJ is starting Wednesday.....Everytime I get used to the "new guy" he's gone..... Good luck "Hawkeye."
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    Maryland Antique Center Museum

    Have you been there lately? I went today hoping things might be different since new management took over. Although I fully realize that antiques are expensive, I feel that at the prices they are asking they don't won't to sell anything. Any thoughts?
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    American Community Survey

    Has anyone heard of it or been asked to participate? I received one but can't find anyone else who has. Apparently, participation is not optional. Although they say your address is chosen at random, hefty fines result if you don't complete it. The crazy part is most of the info requested is a...
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    Omega Exterior Restorations?

    Received an unsolicited visit from these folks today. Has anyone else dealt with them? Tried to tell me we needed roof repair on a fairly new roof with no noticeable problems.....
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    Dog hit near Korner Karryout / Oakville area

    Shortly after 10pm small fawn colored dog approximately 25-30lbs with large German Shepherd like ears, struck just before Korner Karryout northbound 235, we saw it on the side of the road and turned around to check on it... no collar or ID aware, alert, looked like injury to right...