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  1. Ponytail

    Need hardwood floor refinisher recommendations...

    I had severe water damage a year ago. Getting it all put back together and almost to the point where I can get the floors done. Pre-finished maple solid hardwood, finish is popped in places, and some small gaps and minor cupping left over after the really bad stuff was cutout and replaced...
  2. Ponytail

    Keep your Philly news in Philly!

    Some funny comments in a "blog" from a ESPN writer concerning the Eagles/Skins game... For what it's worth, MANY folks up here thought for SURE the Eagles were going to lose it, in the usual Philly fashion. Rick Reilly on new Eagles offense - ESPN
  3. Ponytail

    Dog Rescue Group needs help

    What's happnening SOMD? Long time no see/talk, I know. I know there's alot of dog lovers, rescues and fosters in this group that might be able to help at least get the word out. My wife and I are involved with this group and it needs help. Needs Fosters, donations, even IT and...
  4. Ponytail

    Ocean City, Maryland...beaches, charters, etc

    First day back to work after a 5 days in OC, Maryland. I'm not usually a beach person. Although, after this trip, I think I could become one. Usually the ride to/from the beach ruins any relaxation that I may have achieved at the beach. I spent at least 4 hours everyday on the beach with...
  5. Ponytail

    netflix...ugh... What do you use?

    Netflix DVD rentals sit in my house for months, and usually get returned without ever being watched, so I'm canceling that. Netflix online service gets used alot, but mainly for the kids shows. The online movie selection pretty much sucks. What do you all use/recommend?
  6. Ponytail

    PS3 HDMI connection issue

    I have an older Toshiba HD Projection TV with (1) VGA connector and a boatload of COmponent and RCA connectors. Components didn't give as good a picture as we hoped when using the PS3. So I got a DVI splitter and a HDMI/VGA plug that I was using with the Satellite dish. I got it all...
  7. Ponytail

    New DSLR

    Been wanting a new SLR for quite a few years now. Have always been a fan of Nikons, and had to put down the ol' 35mm due to time and money constraints...Was just going through a TON of film. Local Camera shop closed it's doors and the closest real camera shop is 45 minutes away...not all...
  8. Ponytail

    Autosport LLC, in Richmond, VA

    Anybody know anything about them? legit? God, bad, ugly? They have a vehicle there that I'm VERY much interested in, and the deal seems too good to be true. Figured before I drive 4 hours, one way, to look at it, I'd check in. Thanks PT
  9. Ponytail

    Sweet Winter Revenge...

    I've been home all week taking care of the 2 yr old while the Mrs and another kid were fighting the flu. I slept till about 9:30, than watched from the window one of the idiot neighbors shovel out his car, piling the snow at the end of my driveway. Then watched him put the shovel though the...
  10. Ponytail

    Where to buy Laptop battery replacements

    MY laptop is an oldie but still a goodie. Need a battery replacement for a Dell Inspiron 9200. Dell has them for $135-$155. Is it worth going anyplace else?
  11. Ponytail

    Add one to the club...

    For those of you that don't already know, I got married last week. Condolences and Congratulations are both being accepted at this time.
  12. Ponytail

    So, how close would you let it get?

    Curious bear takes a step too far, quick question diffuses the situation. [VIDEO]
  13. Ponytail

    Any bowlers here?

    I picked up the 4-6-7-10 " the Big Four" split last night. :cool: Just had to share. Was pretty awesome.
  14. Ponytail

    The last LARGEST Toy Run in the USA is this SUNDAY

    ABATE Annual Toy Run to the Philadelphia Childrens Hospital will be taking place for the 30th, and LAST TIME EVER, this Sunday. Line-up for the parade begins at 9am on Sunday, Nov 7 at Columbus Blvd and Spring Garden St. Parade leaves at 12 noon. It is completely police escorted, with all...
  15. Ponytail

    And the QB controversy baton gets passed too...

    :lol: the 'skins! JaMarcus Russell ??? ZSeriously? But The Eagles made a mistake in letting go McNabb??? :roflmao: JaMarcus Russell works out for Redskins - NFL -
  16. Ponytail

    Hi Pete!

    Nice socks. :biggrin:
  17. Ponytail

    anyone seen half a trillion dollars?

    YouTube - Half A Trillion Where Did It Go?
  18. Ponytail

    Serious "Must See" on Oprah on Mon Oct 25

    Friend of mine and his family will be on Oprah On Oct 25th. Unbelievable heart breaking story with an ending that couldn't be much better. The Worst Days of Their Lives and the Miraculous Twist of Fate - I know, nobody watches Oprah. This one will be worth the embarrassment of...
  19. Ponytail

    Kids are sleepwalking...

    Started when school started, the 16 year old and the 10 year old...find them all over the house at all hours of the night while investigating those "bumps in the night". Recently though it has gotten more serious...went from being slightly comical and a bit freaky, to VERY freaky and...
  20. Ponytail

    What a GREAT way to start the week...I WON!!!!

    I just got this from Fed-Ex, though, I'm not sure why from them but who cares!!! Dear Customer, Good day to you. We have been waiting for you to contact us for Your Package that is registered with us for shipment by the Pepsi Company Plc officially congratulate you for the draw that...