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  1. PrepH4U

    Called for an interview - PSA

    I agree Monello that happens a lot and most companies are up front about that. I am posting about an issue of job security and joining a company who may not have the funds to even meet payroll. There is one that I know of personally that is trying to stay afloat but still is recruiting new...
  2. PrepH4U

    Called for an interview - PSA

    I feel the need to put this out there as there as a PSA. It has come to my attention that a Company is advertising for an Aerospace Mechanical Engineer here on somd. People please make sure if you are contacted for an interview that you ask them what the current work backlog is. How long current...
  3. PrepH4U

    Wildlife rescue?

    Here is a certified rescue rehab, Californina, Md:
  4. PrepH4U

    St. Mary's County $6 million School Deficit

    So did all the teachers and para's get paid today? Or perhaps it was just one school that was overlooked by mistake.
  5. PrepH4U

    Need help with foster homes and supplies

    Yep this is the right way to push your "rescue" to convince people to donate to your rescue that is still not registered. We have heard all about how you cannot file your non-profit paperwork for the last two plus years. If Bann had not asked you the question about keeping cats in a cage I...
  6. PrepH4U

    Need help with foster homes and supplies

    You have snow fleas? :killingme I hope you don't put those chemicals on them year round. You need to start putting up posts in the animal groups you belong to on FB. Lots of rescue people us them to find homes for their fosters.
  7. PrepH4U

    Scum from PG, a Cop, arrested in Calvert!

    Yes you could be wrong!!! I understand your reasoning though it is always a minor girls fault! Those nasty girls that use their innocence to lure in the effing old ADULTS! :sarcasm: How come there is always someone that stands up for the accused and never stops to think how this poor girl...
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    Kick him out of your bed, hand him a bottle of jergens and a box of tissues. Tell him to have fun with himself. Don't ever ever put up with that "limp" excuse that you may be the problem. He is a psycho mess and you are allowing him to control you.
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    Happy Birthday!
  10. PrepH4U

    Ken King

    Hope you had a great day!
  11. PrepH4U

    Scum from PG, a Cop, arrested in Calvert!

    News 4 said the victim was a relative of the wife. She was named as a co-conspirator but has not been charged yet. What a lovely pair of azzholes!
  12. PrepH4U

    who removes patios?

    So you need a remover and a replacer? :whistle:
  13. PrepH4U

    Canuk Woman

    :lol: I wonder if she is still a library page and what page number is she now? :killingme
  14. PrepH4U

    Discover card illegal purchase--anyone?

    Also the news also carried a story about the skimmers attaching a reader to gas pumps also.
  15. PrepH4U

    Dog Training

    If I would have yelled at Tesla she would have crawled inside her skin! :lol: She never disobeyed because she was too submissive and never wanted to displease us. Meeting strangers brought on barking and hiding behind me, which was not good. You know what was a breakthrough moment for me, she...
  16. PrepH4U

    Dog Training

    You will really like her, she has been very good for my GSD who was afraid of her own shadow. I contacted her because I did not want to deal with fear aggression down the road. Once we got basic obedience down (which builds confidence) we have been going on field trips to increase her exposure...
  17. PrepH4U

    Dog Training

    Here is a PSA to really do your homework when trying to decide on a trainer. The following article is very disturbing so beware. Animal cruelty at Aberdeen Acres Pet Care Center I would never leave my dog at a facility for training without any input.
  18. PrepH4U

    Dog Training

    So did you have to buy the electronic shock collar for him to use on your dog? I would rather use positive training methods not ones that command instant fear.
  19. PrepH4U

    We lost one of our own last week...

    RIP Wendy
  20. PrepH4U

    If someone knows onewisemnky

    I hope they get in touch with you and you get your rottie back. :yahoo: