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  1. Dye Tied

    Please look at my thread, Dear Kwillia

    I have gone to the dark side, but only because they are stylish and fairly comfy. Yes, I have become a Croc owner :bawl: Nice looking wedges and real leather got to my shoe snob heart
  2. Dye Tied

    Professional psychopaths

    What business are you in?? Which professions have the most psychopaths? - The Week
  3. Dye Tied

    OJ Simpson is a cookie monster

    Once a criminal..... O.J. Simpson is caught stealing COOKIES from prison cafeteria | Mail Online
  4. Dye Tied

    I am removing your balls!

    What the hell?? :bigwhoop: » And the Pussification of America Continues: Canadian Youth Soccer League Removes Soccer Balls So Nobody Gets Their Feelings Hurt…Wait What? Barstool Sports: Boston
  5. Dye Tied

    It's here, Kwilly!

    Screw the apple and bring on pumpkin everything. :yahoo:
  6. Dye Tied

    Davey Jones isn't Monkeying around anymore

    Dead at 66 Davy Jones Dead: Singer Of The Monkees Dies At 66
  7. Dye Tied

    We need a new forum

    Dear Admin, With the constant postings that are b*tching and moaning about the bad driving habits of So. Md. people, could we please have a forum dedicated to just that? All these posters that think the bad drivers, that just cut them off, are reading their rants, need a place outside of...
  8. Dye Tied

    Forumite I Spy

    Today, I spied JetMonkey on a walking field trip to possibly The Tides.
  9. Dye Tied

    Hef dumped at the altar. She even took his dog.

    Adding insult to injury, he said Harris took his favorite pet, a cocker spaniel named Charlie, when she moved out of the mansion. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dumped at the altar | Reuters
  10. Dye Tied

    Taping and mud

    Need the number for estimates from a good contractor for taping and mudding. Drywall is already installed and a contractor is needed to do the finishing on it. TIA :love:
  11. Dye Tied

    Celebrity plastic surg. before & after

    These are fun! Plastic Surgery: Celebrities Then and Now | NBC Washington
  12. Dye Tied

    Mother %#*@!!!!!!

    Next time you stub your toe, go ahead and let those four-letter words fly. Cursing actually does help dull our perception of pain, research suggests. The Body Odd - #@*! Swearing really is a powerful painkiller, study shows
  13. Dye Tied

    Baldies Unite

    Over 100 bald eagles gathering. Neat-O! Video Player
  14. Dye Tied

    Would you please feed my cows?

    Mobster found living in Idaho. :coffee: To his neighbors, he was Jay Shaw, the guy with the vaguely New York accent. He was known for fixing computers, buying everything with cash, raising cows and knowing how to handle a gun. Reputed mobster found raising cows in Idaho - U.S. news - Crime...
  15. Dye Tied

    Strange Addictions

    on week, a woman who eats couch cushions. :twitch: Tonight a woman who eats toilet paper. :lol:
  16. Dye Tied

    KWILLIY DILLY! look here

    Ketchup cheeps :drool:
  17. Dye Tied

    Tune into..

    The Game Show Network right now :lol: Jerry Springer's "Baggage" is on. This show is hysterical. The chick on is botoxed and enhanced to within an inch of her life. It's 233 on Direct.
  18. Dye Tied

    Let the beatings begin

    Vrai, why does Larry want to beat you? What did you do now? :jerry:
  19. Dye Tied

    Same person?

    A long time ago I met a young lady by the name of Rose. She was attractive and intelligent. Could this be the same person? If so, 10 years of a hard life changed her drastically :faint: Intoxicated Trespasser Facing Charges - Southern Maryland News, Charles County, Calvert County and St...