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  1. libertytyranny

    SOMD private schools

    Anyone have any pros/Cons, tips etc to the local (St. Mary's) private school options (elem)? Im getting ready to start visiting them, so any insight is welcome. I am frustrated at the lack of non religious private school options, but since we are zoned for Park Hall, private is how we are...
  2. libertytyranny

    CISCO Class

    Anyone local who might be able to tutor someone in an interconnecting CISCO network devices class? The student is busy and needs some help..the online format isn't conducive to learning a whole new vocab and he has fallen behind.
  3. libertytyranny

    Cooling hot upstairs

    I have been looking at ways to cool our hot upstairs (last summer was awful) and keep the smeco bill in check. During some hot days we really had to crank it and our Smeco bill was so high for such a small house. The main issue is the house is baked in sun all day. By 6am the air between my...
  4. libertytyranny

    Moen Cartirdge puller

    Does anyone have one of those plastic moen single handle cartridge pullers I can have/borrow? I lost mine and I need to pull the cartridge to swap hot/cold in one of my showers. Its the one that is a small piece of plastic that fits in the cartridge and has a square end that sticks out for...
  5. libertytyranny

    How do you feel

    About marrying at a courthouse then having a wedding at a later date? I was surprised to recently hear very negative comments about it..calling it a wedding do-over, tacky, etc.
  6. libertytyranny


    So I check somdnewsnet every day to see local news. They are getting sort of ridiculous and I was wondering if anyone else had the same issues I do with it **Ill preface this with I do not know anyone in the story i'm posting, its just an observation.** This for instance...
  7. libertytyranny

    Food stamp challenges These are excellent entertainment. This crazy lady calls Gwenyth Paltrow's list unrealistic, then proceeds to trader Joes (umm cheapest store she knows, on what planet?) to buy butternut squash soup, sea salt...
  8. libertytyranny

    New home and getting rid of old

    So I am in the middle of: Moving out of a rental Evicting someone in my home, then selling it Moving into a new home we bought Besides a few drinks and some valium, I also need some recommendations because we are overwhelmed and their aren't enough hours in the day. Fence...
  9. libertytyranny

    Eviction movers

    For those of you who have had to do an eviction, did you hire movers or move the tenants belongings yourself? Apparently my renter is going to hold out, so I am faced with either moving a whole household (while I am moving my own house that week as well) or hiring movers. She already owes me...
  10. libertytyranny

    Moving boxes

    Anyone giving some away? I have replied to a few classified ads but someone keeps beating me to them!
  11. libertytyranny

    Need a GP

    I've done some searches on this site looking for a GP, preferably female and have come up against THREE offices I was interested in that are not taking new patients. Most of the threads are fairly old it would seem. Any new recommendations? I would prefer female but I am open to either. Sat...
  12. libertytyranny

    How long...

    Before things with you and your sig other got "serious"? I was kind of interested when I saw so many people chime in on Larry's thread that things moved quickly with their significant others. Magazines and movies make it seem like the best way to do relationships is getting to know people for...
  13. libertytyranny

    Negotiating realtor commision

    Has anyone ever negotiated their realtor's commision down from the common 3%? I am lookign to bring it down in order to keep my price competitive and I feel it is warranted since I've done my own comps, staged the house, done marketing materials etc. Really I just need MLS listing and a lock...
  14. libertytyranny

    local cookbook

    Where can I find a locol (st marys, somd etc) cookbook on short notice for a gift? I have one I love from the moose lodge or fleet reserve or some such place and I was looking to give something similar as a gift. Mine is beat up and well used or I would just gift her mine and get myself a new...
  15. libertytyranny

    Blue chip driveway

    I currently have a blue chip driveway that has seen better days..where is the best place to call for quotes for this? What price range am I looking in ? Im poor. Currently my driveway is about 2.5 car lengths long and about one wide (im super bad with length estimates, lucky for my bfs I...
  16. libertytyranny


    Take a break from the snark to laugh at these. :lmao::lmao::lmao:
  17. libertytyranny

    Don't help your kids with their homework LOVE this. The intense social pressure to be overly involved in every single aspect of your child's life is strong, you feel it from the day you bring your baby home these days. BUT you...
  18. libertytyranny

    Everyone should show their kids this.. Heartbreaking. It isn't just meth. Its all of them. I have seen drugs just decimate people and this lays it out pretty clear. Too many times kids/teens see the junkies on tv and assume they've always been that way. They weren't...
  19. libertytyranny

    Looking for a rental

    I got a few pm's about available rentals when I started a thread a few months ago. I found someone for my house and now I need to rent one in st. marys..3 beds and allows pets..preferably in the great mills/lex park/california area...and I need it..umm...quickly. as the first of december...
  20. libertytyranny

    Well this sounds promising....

    Advertisement - Employment Classifieds :lmao: I can't stop laughing at my mental image of this "review" ..or you know..revue. Either or...:killingme