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  1. zar

    Mechanicsville 711 robbed and bombed Personally I’m not comfortable leaving my residence without self defense with all this dc/pg trash leaking into our county We should start campaigns and groups...
  2. zar

    Any places in St marys sell empty oil drums?

    Thanks in
  3. zar

    Mask Report

    Please list business still requiring masks to AVOID shopping at locally Dollar General Target CVS Walgreens Ulta Are all maintaining mask wearing according to WAPO I encourage all others to boycott these businesses appealing to the Marxist virtue signaling and support freedom of choice and...
  4. zar

    So a gas freak out is going on?

    I’m hearing reports of people lining up with gas cans around around town Went earlier to dash in in leonardtown and they were out of regular
  5. zar

    Is anyone familiar with or know any contractors for building on a non-parcel of record in St.Mary's?

    I've heard a couple of stories from LUGM of people somehow building around a dilapidated building to avoid the subdivision and acreage appeals exception where on these properties new building permits or replacement permits aren't permitted but additions/renovations to existing structures are...
  6. zar

    Police at Great Mills high school

    I just saw 5 police vehicles and the police putting up tape to block the entrance nothing on the news sites
  7. zar

    Police shoot and kill teenager with air soft gun in St Marys

    UPDATE 4/13/2021 @ 7:25 p.m.: The individual shot today in Leonardtown was a 16-year-old male and was pronounced deceased a short time after the shooting. The victim has been identified by MSP as the 16-year-old Peyton Hamm The gun the juvenile had in his possession was recovered at the scene...
  8. zar

    St. Mary's Co. Anyone have recommendations for a contractor/company for building detached garage/accessory apartment

    Was looking for someone good in Southern Maryland, maybe on of those cinder block garages. I see them all over. Google brings up a plethora of unreviewed contractors I'm sure they're great but I'm looking do something better than an Amish shed and can handle all the components of...
  9. zar

    Fox 5 Liberals in St Marys Aghast at local drivers

    Probably have spent 30 minutes on this spot and they are absolutely shocked tractor trailers drivers are crossing the flood water and gasp not wearing masks in their Vehicles Also they were shocked that the government wasn’t blocking the road Now some moron is stuck and we’re the embarrassment...
  10. zar

    Does it ever stop raining?

    It seems like there has been an above average rainfall this year, and not just rain but torrential downpours lasting for hours. I remember some hard rain in summers but they'd last 5-15 minutes on average Is this the case or am I just noticing it more?
  11. zar

    MTA to release "narrowed down" list of locations for third bridge to eastern shore soon (Who will be the lucky winner?) Here is the list of potential sites that were previously leaked According to the article only the eastern shore counties have the power to veto the plan, so whatever...
  12. zar

    Are "Tiny homes" allowed in St. Mary's county?

    I am curious as I've seen them go up for a rent online, and also St. Mary's college also did a tiny home building project, for homeless I suppose? However according to county ordinances living in a "RV" full time is prohibited, and it was to my understanding that these were classified as RV's
  13. zar

    St. Mary's Co. St. Clements convenience center question (dump)

    I recently moved to leonardtown, how can I get the decal to drop of trash here? should I just drive up and ask? the website wasn't useful but I wanted to ask before I bring trash up Thanks in advance
  14. zar

    Did anyone else see the caravan of police vehicles Saturday morning heading towards PAX?

    It must of been at least 60 police cars and various unmarked vehicles around 9am i reckon, I have never seen something quite like it. I know there is not much happening around here and that there's a lot of boredom so it might be normal to see 10 cop cars, 5 firetrucks, and 3 ambulances heading...
  15. zar

    In this thread we solve our crime problems

    I'm going to put out some hypothetical ideas that are probably pipe dreams -3 strike rule on overdoses (DNR on third OD) -2+ hard drug convictions in 1 year = mandatory 1 year ankle bracelet (keep tabs on where druggies are festering) 9pm-6am curfew without/exemption only for working...
  16. zar

    Is bushwood the trashiest looking area in st Mary's?

    Recently took a stroll through this area out of pure curiosity. Trash/junk scattered all over the place in front of houses, houses is disrepair and falling apart, you come into this lane which seems as if it is lined by diseased and dying trees. Sure the bad parts of Lexington park could fit...
  17. zar

    Major Accident this morning There was gossip through facebook comments that a young child was fatally injured although there was no mention of fatalities in the articles. I am hoping...
  18. zar

    Is snow hill park accessible on weekdays?

    A Google search says it is only open on weekends?
  19. zar

    What is SOMD rocks?

    someone explain this to me people must be really bored around here
  20. zar

    Has anybody ever lived in Salisbury?

    I was surprised to find it listed as 7th of the cheapest places to live in MD. I love it here but it's just too expensive for the long term, I figured at the peak of my earning I'll be making 60k and I don't get plan on getting married as of now. Renting a decent 1 bedroom here would take half...