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  1. Jameo

    Bird ID

    Anyone know what kind of bird this is? I have a pair making a nest in a bush right by my back deck. It's kinda neat to sit out there and watch them. TIA!
  2. Jameo


    How in the world do you kill them little freakin bastards?!! They have dined on the roots of my knock out roses for the last time!! I'm declaring war on them little furry varmints! :pissed: :cussing:
  3. Jameo

    Vehical registration/inspection question

    Husband's car is registered in CO and he wants to register it here in MD. He is active duty navy due to retire next year. Do we have to do the whole inspection thing to register here in MD? I don't think we do being that it's not changing owners but I'm not 100% sure. TIA
  4. Jameo

    Dry Aged Prime Rib Roast

    I'm trying to think of something to cook for Christmas dinner and was thinking about trying a prime rib. I've never cooked one before so I was looking a different recipes and ran across this. Is it worth the time? Dry Aged Prime Rib Roast Recipe : Guy Fieri : Recipes : Food Network
  5. Jameo

    All you can eat seafood

    Is there any place in st. Mary's or calvert that does all you can eat seafood or crab legs? TIA
  6. Jameo

    Protesters at Gate 3

    They weren’t there Saturday, Sunday (which they never were) but none again this morning. Are they done? Did they move somewhere else? Will Gate 3 back to normal hours soon?
  7. Jameo

    DC Improv vs The Comedy Zone

    Either one better than the other???
  8. Jameo

    Accident on Solomon's Bridge

    Traffic is stopped in both directions. Sounds like it's somewhere near the base of the bridge on St. marys side Good luck getting home this evening :ohwell:
  9. Jameo

    Haunted Houses

    Are there any good haunted houses around here?
  10. Jameo

    Capt Pat's Seafood

    Noticed a bunch of cops in their parking lot this morning coming into work around 630. Was there a robbery? :shrug:
  11. Jameo


    What's on your dinner menu for Easter?
  12. Jameo

    Tiki Bar Opening...

    Friday April 15 :yahoo: :otter: :party: :alkies::cheers::dude: :killingme :roflmao: :killingme
  13. Jameo


    Stupid Verizon made me set up a stupid gmail account for my droid. They set it up so it imports all my hotmail - I HATE IT! :jameo: How do I turn off the import crap? :jameo:
  14. Jameo

    Cat allergies

    Anything OTC help? (besides a .22 :lmao:)
  15. Jameo

    Hurricane Katrina Then & Now

    Pretty cool how they did the photography for this Katrina: 5 years later - Then and Now
  16. Jameo


    I hear over the weekend that Woodburns is closing at the end of the year. Please tell me that is just a horrible rumor :frown:
  17. Jameo


    Intimate waxing' fundraiser goes awry :faint:
  18. Jameo

    herb question

    I have basil and parsley growing in pots. Both are getting ready to bloom. Should I let it bloom or cut the blooms off for more leaves?
  19. Jameo

    mascarpone cheese

    Which grocery store carries it? I'm making a tiramisu cake and need some. I don't think I've ever seen it before but then again, I've never looked for it
  20. Jameo

    Solomon's bridge

    Traffic is stopped both directions on the bridge